23 November 2020

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House as Clean as a Hound's Tooth

Modern cleaning products contain harmful ingredients. Anyone in contact with these products can be affected rendering health problems like irritations, allergies or even respiratory illnesses.

It cannot be denied that household cleaners available in the market will give us outstanding results. But, are they truly safe for us to use? Be extra careful in choosing cleaning goods. Loads of toxic ingredients might be in the formulation and just waiting to attack.

Toilet bowl cleaner for example has chlorinated phenol that are harmful in respiratory and circulatory system. Ethylene Glycol Butyl Ether is present in all purpose cleaner and other cleaners damages nervous system, liver and kidney. Deodorizers has formaldehyde, which is a respiratory irritant and probable human carcinogen under conditions of unusually high or prolonged exposure.

These are just few of the many hazardous chemicals composing cleaners. Unfortunately, it is not easy to pin point goods with hazardous ingredients. If you are not familiar with the them and not even sure if it's safe, stick with the eco-friendly merchandise which do not contain unnecessary chemicals. The chemical composition of this household cleaners is simple. They don’t harm the environment and will not harm us either. Nevertheless, we must remember that producers can claim that their products are eco-friendly, organic, green or safe but still have some toxic ingredients. Not all products have list of ingredients in their labels since not all of household stuffs are regulated. But, still, read the labels. Ask questions to manufacturer to verify their claims. 

It's always up to us, how we can make our home dirt-free in non-toxic ways. One great idea is to use natural household cleaners. Use the traditional recipes of our grandmothers in cleaning stubborn dirt. Grab your bottle of vinegar and baking soda. They will do the chemistry and will surely give us pleasant results.

What do you use to keep your house as clean as a hound’s tooth?

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