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Puzzle Challenge

Up for a challenge? How about putting together 1000 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle? Okay, you may find it not challenging or relaxing at all but it is really. Not to mention, it is one of many activities that can refresh our ability to concentrate and think strategically.  A box of Jigsaw Puzzle for €2 Parents should be well aware of the ability and capacity of their child before buying a puzzle best for him or her. Don't just rely on the age guideline written on the box. Children should be encouraged to play jigsaw puzzles not only because it's fun but also of the great effects.  Effects of Puzzle  Develop the sense of patterning which supports the child's skills in reading, logic and math. A child learns how to think strategically as he put pieces together. You may heard a child talking to himself while doing the puzzle, it is the sign that he is trying to solve the problem. Analyzing which piece goes to a place.  Concentration is another important thing that is developed not only