15 March 2017

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Kia Ora Mini Farm (Gorey, Wexford)

"I know this blog entry has taken a very long time to be posted. Given with so many things that happened over the past four months (which I will not bore you with the details), I hope I am not to late to take you to the place that will surely win your hearts this coming Easter. "

In the light of my daughter's recent obsession with animals, visiting a mini farm sounds an awesome idea to end the summer. So off we go...

The farm is called Kia Ora Mini Farm. It is located at Courteencurragh, Gorey, Co. Wexford. It was an hour drive from our place. But it was a good relaxing travel for me, my husband and most especially for our little miss. She just don't stopped singing "Old Mac Donalds"until she fell asleep  half way through.

We arrived on our destination past 10 o'clock in the morning. After seeing the clean and inviting path to the entrance door, I immediately told myself , "This farm sure look inviting, relaxing and clean." Even the flower pots lined up on the sides are pulling us to get inside and enjoy the rest of the day. 

Entry Passage of Kia Ora Mini Farm

Okay, Let's Get Started

We lead ourselves to a small door. The staffs were busy decorating for halloween. They really have scary and cute frills all around the coffee shop. I can't wait to see everything around.

Here's a welcoming owl at the till. 

Moving on. The admission fee is €7.50 per person (adult and child). Believe me, this is all worth it with everything to enjoy in the farm. They have a lovely and spacious picnic area. While sipping your tea, your kiddo can play around safely. By the way, you can freely bring your food inside the farm and have a wonderful picnic with your family. In fact, you can even eat your own food inside the coffee shop if you want to or if weather is not so good to eat outside.

Milking Cow Shed and Small Animals

A well-maintained petting area was our next stop. I never hesitated to tell my curious little girl to try petting a bunny and cat. I'm glad she enjoyed it.

I think this chipmunk was begging us to pet him, don't you think? Though, we settled playing with him inside the cage. Our curious girl lose her interest on him when she saw a blackboard and the milking cow. 

A parrot in the shed did not talk when we were there but did a lot of curling and twisting, seemed like showing off. He did a good job because I cannot take my eyes of his colourful feathers. And there are plenty more beautiful birds around.

Photoshoot with Large Animals

If you want to be up close to different large animals, this is a good place to visit. They are pretty friendly too. I don't think you are allowed to give them food but I think there are staffs around who can help you with that. 





Kid or billy


Watching Peafowl

Peahen and Peachicks

Duck and Bird Watching at the Pond and at the Bird Pens

To end our trip we then took a ride on the a real fire truck which plays nursery rhymes to cheer up the little ones and old alike.  You will sure be singing and dancing to the beats. It is just like hanging out in a music gig with musician friends.com . 

Of course, that day was to cheer up our little princess. So as you can see below, it was a pretty busy day for her. It was so fun that we did not want to finish the trip. Well, we can always come back especially this coming Easter 2017 as they have so many fun activities set up. 

I heard that the Easter Bunny will be there the whole day to make sure that all kids will have their own chocolate. 

Busy as a bee

Never run out of things to do.

For more details about Kia Ora Mini Farm, you can visit their official website here or phone them at 053 94 21166.

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