07 December 2016

Season to be Jolly

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I was not raised looking for gifts on Christmas morning. I was not even taught that Santa existed. My parents along with my siblings were glad to celebrate the real reason of the season, the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ.

In doing so, the night before Christmas, we go to church and afterwards we sat on our dinner table to enjoy what my mom cooked for us. We can eat all night, talk and laugh all night but Christmas day itself is the busiest day. Why? Relatives and friends are coming over to celebrate with us. Frequently, such gatherings were turned to reunion with lots of games, singing, dancing and playing of instruments.

I am most delighted to pass on the tradition to our child with a little twist though. Since we cannot go home every Christmas, we get to enjoy the holiday season with closest friends we have got. Plus we got to bring our little miss to visit Santa in his grotto. I do not want to give her the idea that Santa is coming to our house through a chimney. First, we don not have one. Second, I would love her to understand that with or without gifts from Santa, there are plenty more good reasons to be happy on Christmas. Lastly, we need to celebrate Jesus more than anything else on Christmas day. 

By the way, look who I found sleeping on his cosy bed.

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