10 January 2016

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Hill of Tara

It's always been a great deal for me and my husband to see the lovely heritage of Ireland. We even said to ourselves that we must see every corner of this country before seeing other countries. Hope that will not be far long especially now that it's more fun to travel with our toddler to spice up the trips. 

One of the famous hill to visit here in Ireland is located in County Meath. It is called Hill of Tara or in Irish : Cnoc na Teamhrach (please do not ask me how to pronounce that because I certainly do not know, sorry about that). 

The place was known for its' ancient monuments on top and surrounding the hill. Here are few of my shots of this legendary hill. 

The "Mound of the Hostages" - a small Neolithic passage tomb (constructed 3,400 B.C.)

Summit of Hill of Tara

The Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny) atop the Hill of Tara, County Meath ( a phallic stone that is said to scream for the rightful High King)

Surrounding Landscape of Hill of Tara

St. Patrick's Church on the Hill of Tara (was evident to be standing since 1190s but the modern church was built 1822-23)

The Wishing Tree at the Hill of Tara (also known as May Bushes, Rag Trees or Fairy Bushes
During the month of May, this tree is highly decorated with pieces of colourful ribbon or fabric tied by local people or visitors as symbol of their wishes and prayers. 


  1. Ireland is a beautil country, I would see every side of it if I were you hehehe

  2. Wow, such lovely place to visit! I love the photos you have shared sis and Ireland is in my bucket list. I am just saving enough to scour the entire Ireland for its rich culture, history, arts and breath-taking vistas.

  3. This is a beautiful place to explore Sis. I so LOVED the far photo of the area. I LOVED to explore nature as well.

  4. Your photos are amazing. I have never been to Ireland and I would love to go there one day.

  5. oh, I'm so curious of what is inside that small opening on the hill :)

  6. I wish to visit Ireland someday and tie a ribbon of my wish on the Wishing Tree at the Hill of Tara

  7. What a beautiful place! The scenery is just awesome. I would love to visit Ireland someday and take in all these breath-taking views. So green, so peaceful!

  8. This hill looks very interesting. Such beauty in a simple setting and natural environment.


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