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Inspiring Dedication and Passion

I admire dedicated musicians in the streets who are not afraid to show their talents despite the limitations and rejection of some. Just like the man below, he may not have a top class  36c  subwoofer or high end guitar, still his love of music was gorgeously echoing along the busy street of Grafton.

Seeing Through

Sometimes, our prayers are unanswered. We don't need to know why. Our Lord God is very good. He never fails to listen to us. We just need to wait for His time and trust in Him completely.

Current Mood ATM

One of my favorite applications on my phone is the Spotify. With this app, I am able to listen on records even without downloading them. Different genre. Different artist. Different album.  Screen shot of my Spotify app at the moment

Hill of Tara

It's always been a great deal for me and my husband to see the lovely heritage of Ireland. We even said to ourselves that we must see every corner of this country before seeing other countries. Hope that will not be far long especially now that it's more fun to travel with our toddler to spice up the trips.  One of the famous hill to visit here in Ireland is located in County Meath. It is called Hill of Tara or in Irish : Cnoc na Teamhrach (please do not ask me how to pronounce that because I certainly do not know, sorry about that).  The place was known for its' ancient monuments on top and surrounding the hill. Here are few of my shots of this legendary hill.  The "Mound of the Hostages" - a small Neolithic passage tomb (constructed 3,400 B.C.)