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Not The Same As Before

 I opened my email today and there in my inbox , a regular update of new movies in the cinema. Then I realized it's been ages since I last sat down in a comfy seat of my favorite movie house and munching my favorite nachos with triple cheese dip. If I remember it right, that was a year ago when my mom was around to look after our princess. Then it finally hit me, it's different now.  Don't get me wrong here. I'm not moaning because I can't watch movie with hubby now. That is exactly the opposite. I am glad, oh no, I am over the moon because we have a precious little one to enjoy. My thoughts and concerns now are centered on things that will benefit the whole family not just myself. Nowadays, me and my husband often go to places that our child will also found interesting. Just like last weekend, a short trip in the Zoo really makes all of us happy.  Who will go out alone if before heading to the door, you can hear a sweet voice saying "mimi" (mommy) or &quo