07 March 2015

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Shops Around London

Few years ago, I got the chance to travel in London where so many great things originated and started. There are plenty of vintage stuffs that I've seen for the first time. High street shops are remarkably bigger and nicer than I imagined. Harrods for example is one big mall which is one place you don't want to miss during your visit in Brompton Road. 

Many trusted brands can be bought in shops along the Oxford Circus. One thing that caught my attention is the old barber shop in Curson Street called geo f trumper .It was eatablished during 1875. Mr Trumper introduced his own brand to use in his gentlemen's shop. This brand is now available and known all over the world. 
Aside from Paris, London is my favorite destination when it comes to shopping. Besides, amazing places to explore there are endless.

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