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The Top 4 Sights to See While Visiting France

Ah, France. There's a reason it's been the world’s top travel destination for international visitors for the past couple of years. France has literally everything: culture, history, architectural beauty, skiing, and beautiful beachfronts. Due to these things, it's a destination that is on most people's bucket lists. If you're planning your first ever visit to France, here are the top four sights to see around the country.

1. Paris... All of It

Paris is renowned as one of beautiful cities in the world, if not the most beautiful. From the famous landmarks of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower to the artist's haven around Montmartre and the world famous Champs-Élysées, Paris is a city blessed with beauty, not to mention culture. A week in Paris is hardly enough to discover the charm of the city, with additional features including the artworks of the Musée d'Orsay and the Louvre, and the culinary delights that beckon on almost every corner.
While Paris is a beautiful city, remember, like any renowned travel destination, it attracts its fair share of people looking to take advantage of tourists, so ensure your valuable documents and currency are well secured. To help with this, you can find some great anti-theft luggage gear from online retailers such as Bags To Go.

2. Chateau de Chenenceau

In the beautiful Loire valley, spanning the river Cher, is the breathtaking Chateau de Chenenceau. Originally built in the early 1500s on the site of an old mill, the Chateau was later extended to span the width of the river. Featuring beautiful architecture that is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance, the building also has a rich history, including time spent as a hospital during World War 1, and Nazi occupation and bombing in World War II.

3. Cite de Carcassonne

This picturesque and predominantly medieval hilltop city has a history that goes back some 2,500 years, with the hilltop territory first fortified by the Romans in 100BC. It features two concentric external walls, narrow cobblestone streets, 53 towers, a draw-bridge, and the stunning Basilica of St Nazaire and St Celse. Interestingly, the city narrowly escaped being demolished in 1849 due to its disrepair, but widespread uproar ensured it survived to become a UNESCO world heritage listed site. Carcassonne is located in south-west France.

4. The French Riviera

Featuring a series of seaside townships including Cannes and Saint Tropez, the French Riviera also includes the cities of Nice and Marseille, the sovereign state of Monaco, and the ski resorts of the Alps-Maritimes. The French Riviera boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, meaning it is feasible to swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon. Renowned as a destination of luxury, the French Riviera is home to million dollar yachts, casinos and further French culture.
When travelling to France, it's hard to narrow the destinations down to only a handful. Arguably, this is a country where the more time spent the better, whether you’re exploring museums, shopping, wining and dining, or skiing and swimming.


  1. Oh I want to see them all. I hope we could go there sooooooon.

  2. Oh, never been to France yet,but definitely would love to go if given the opportunity. I will keep this post in mind should the time comes.

  3. If I was fortunate enough to go to Paris one day, I'd definitely make the most out of the trip and visit everything there is to visit there. :)

  4. France has always been a dream destination especially these 4 sights from there which you mentioned above.

  5. France is always in my bucket list, I'm not sure when will the ever happen since we don't ever plan on getting there anytime soon, however this list is indeed a great first steps for those who might be looking for places to visit.

  6. I do hope I could visit France one of these days and I'll surely visit these four sights

  7. It's getting cold out here so I would rather be in one of these places where I can enjoy outdoors.


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