23 January 2015

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The Features of Chemical jacketed Reactor and Single Glass Reactor

Referring to chemical jacketed reactor, most people may wonder about what it is. And how does it work? What functions are they equipped? A series of related questions may appear in the minds of people. In fact, this reactor is one kind of reactors. Such reactors include a lot of different types, such as single glass reactor, double layer reactor and three layer reactor, etc. Different reactors may be equipped with different applications.

It is said that jacketed reactor is experimental equipment that is equipped with a set of vacuum distillation, reflux and stirred, heated water or oil bath, especially jacket with different types. What°Øs more, this reactor may have main frame that include mechanical mixing section, heating section and the glass part of the four major components. Moreover, this reactor is a fully enclosed system. Meanwhile, the reactor is equipped with many unique features that other reactors are not equipped.

Generally speaking, the different reactor may be equipped with many different features and advantages compared with other reactors. For example, the single glass reactor may have some features that other reactors are not equipped. This versatile vacuum thermostatic of glass can go on a variety of biochemical reactor at a constant temperature reactions and synthesis. It can be reflux or distillation under different temperature conditions of work. In addition, the circulating water pump can be used to produce a variety of negative pressure suction liquid or gas.

The other feature is the disposed cryogenic coolant circulation pump can go on the low temperature operation. Meanwhile, F-Series single-reactor device can be a variety of solvent synthesis reaction at a constant temperature. According to the requirement at normal pressure or negative pressure, single glass reactor can do stirred reaction in a closed glass reactor at setting a constant temperature. Meanwhile, it can also do refluxed with distillation of the reaction solution. What°Øs more, it is ideal test and production equipment for modern fine chemical and pharmaceutical and bio-synthesis of new materials. It is said that this reactor is equipped with some unique technical features.

Furthermore, this reactor has excellent chemical resistance due to the material of glass reactor from toption-china.com. Meanwhile, its sealing assembly may adopt the PTFE and maintain in a good vacuum about the similar products in the market. In conclusion, both jacketed chemical reactor and single glass reactor are very useful devices in chemical industry and other fields.

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