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Outdoor Renovations: How to Make Your Backyard Stand Out

Homeowners are always keen to make the most of their backyard. The right additions to any backyard can change the vibe of the whole house, add value to the property and some changes can make entertaining guests over the holidays much less of a hassle. But where do you begin? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

1. Vehicle Storage

When most people think about making backyard improvements, they rarely think about vehicle storage. The thing about outdoor vehicle storage areas is that they’re rather multipurpose – you can turn them into an undercover entertaining area when friends come around and the weather’s too hot to stay inside. Carports are a large project though, so speak to a professional like Additions Building Company before attempting anything yourself.

2. Decking

A common misconception about decks is that your home needs to be elevated in order to have one in your yard. This is just not the case - they’re a common sight on upper floors, but you can have them built separate to the house in the yard, or have them adjoined to the house on the ground floor. Decks bring a relaxed, inviting feel to the home and, when you add some comfortable outdoor furniture or a dining table, you’ll find it pretty hard to stay inside during the warmer months.

3. Paved Pathways

Putting in an imaginatively laid garden path can change the entire vibe of your garden. Even if all you need is a path that connects your patio to the clothes line, a path can be used to pull focus onto something else in the yard, like a water feature or your awesome veggie patch. You can use all sorts of tile designs to create your path too - go crazy with mosaics and multiple materials, throw in a curve or a loop to make it more interesting.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Those with decks or substantial patios already know that one especially practical use of the space is as an outdoor food prep area. Adding a barbeque, a sink and some countertops will make outdoor entertaining a breeze, and add significant value to your home if you ever decide to sell it. It also provides a perfect excuse to fire up the barbeque on balmy summer nights and allow the family to have dinner al fresco.

5. Firepits

Firepits are fantastic year-round. Got a cold winter night on your hands? Perfect. Huddle round and warm up. Warm spring evening? Still good, sit back from it for a bit of ambience and have a chat. They’ve become an extremely popular backyard item due to their low maintenance and ease of installation. Add a bit of seating around the outside and you’ve got the perfect outdoor relaxation station.

As you can see, making smart use of the space your land has on offer provides you, your family and your guests that much more room to move. Many of the best backyard renovation projects can be accomplished by dedicated DIY enthusiasts, but for more significant changes like water features, construction jobs or turf laying, you should still seek the assistance of a professional. What are your favourite backyard renovation tips? Sound off in the comments below!


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