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4 Ways to Liven Up Your Business Trip

Going away on business was once thought of as a vacation with some work thrown in, until everyone realised they were actually more stressed than ever, coming back home feeling tired and worn down. It’s imperative you turn things around and liven up your business travel. Firstly get some help from travel managers like Corporate Traveller, who'll get your trip off to a great start by booking business class flights for you at competitive rates. After arriving in comfort and style, if you just put some creativity into your travel schedule, you can have a fantastic time and come back revitalised!

1. Exercise

To avoid feeling run-down or even getting sick (which often happens after travelling), it's important you exercise. Travelling for long periods, changes in time zones, and irregular meals will work against you and leave you feeling dull. You'll be spending a lot of time sitting on planes, in cars, and meetings. If your hotel has a pool or gym, make full use of these whenever you have some free time. Exercise raises your endorphin levels, which results in a happier, more energised you, so you'll work more productively too!

2. Try New Foods

If you're in a country that eats a different cuisine from the one you're accustomed to, why not try it? Hotels tend to cater to what they think their foreign guests prefer. That's all well and good, but where's the fun in that? When you're out and about during any spare time you may have, be adventurous and try different foods. Your eyes, or your tastebuds, will be opened to a whole new world of culinary possibilities! It will certainly liven up an otherwise mundane business trip!

3. Socialise with Your Colleagues

You see your colleagues at work, but you probably haven't spent much time with them socially. There will be some time out of business meetings and corporate events, and you should all get to know each other outside of the work environment. Depending on where you are, consider doing some touristy activities together – and don't talk about work at all!

4. Bring Your Family

If you're a frequent business traveller, there’s a way to lessen the tension that inevitably builds up when one spouse or parent is away from home on a regular basis. Bring your family along (if your spouse has time off or your kids have a school break). Then, when you're not at business meetings or functions, you can spend quality time with your family and do things you would if you were on a family vacation. Another idea is to make a point of meeting up with any friends who happen to live in the area you're in. There’s nothing like a good catch-up with old friends!
If you're a little creative, you can find ways to make your business trip livelier instead of feeling like it's just one long boring meeting. Just make a point of doing things you would do if you were there on pleasure rather than business. That way, you'll come back refreshed and full of energy!


  1. I agree with 4 mentioned above. I don't like dull business trips alone, that's why I always have my mom with me, sometimes with my cousins or brother. They make things less stressful for me! :D


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