06 December 2015

Hakuna Matata

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In our lives, we often encounter unexpected things. Things that we must be thankful for whether small or big, good or not so good, happy or sad, inspiring or not. As we always heard,every things  happen for a reason or reasons. We just need to be optimistic and open-minded. I, for one believe this with my heart and soul. 

So, as we go along with our lives, may we all leave a space for things we hope for and things we don't expect at all. Let us not be worried on unimportant matters but instead wear a SMILE, take it EASY and don't forget to PRAY. That sure will make a huge difference. 

Have a blessed Sunday to all of us. 

15 October 2015

14 October 2015

My Kind of Night

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A simple cup of hot chocolate and a kiss from hubby and baby will be enough sweetness to end my day. I'm totally and truthfully grateful for God's love and continuous blessings on us. May we all have a good night sleep. Sweet dreams.

Today's Bible Verse: 
In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. —nkjv Proverbs 3:6

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02 September 2015

Meant to Last

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 I've been looking for a type of lipstick that is long lasting to wear. I mean, when I put it on, it will stay on my lips for more than 8 hours and that I don't need to re-apply.  I've spotted few shades that I love at Clinique and M.A.C.

Mac Lip Pencil and Lipstick

Mac Plumful Lipstick

Mac Soar Lip Pencil

I ended up with M.A.C Plumful Lustre Lipstick and M.A.C Soar Lip Pencil. Since I want a long-lasting lipstick, I decided to get both. I follow few steps in applying my lipstick. 
  1. In order to remove the dry skin cells on my lips, I clean my lips with wet wipes.
  2. I apply lip balm of my choice or petroleum jelly. Remove any excess using a tissue.
  3. I will then apply the lip liner all around my lip and blend it using my finger tip. 
  4. For a precise application, I use a pointed and thin brush in applying lipstick. This also prevents clumps. 
  5. Blot off the excess lipstick using a tissue then put over a single ply of tissue over the lips and apply a thin coat of loose or pressed powder. This will make your lipstick stay longer on your lips.
  6. Finally put a thin layer of lipstick for a glossy finish. 
These two products of M.A.C are amazing. The colors that I got match my complexion. They are so easy to apply too. I can actually use the lip pencil to all shades of lipstick that I have. 

One thing that we should remember in buying cosmetics is that fake products exist. Buy your cosmetics in shops you trusted and in authorized sellers only. You certainly do not want to spend your money on something that's not going to give you the satisfaction you're looking for. 

I bought mine in one of M.A.C seller in Dublin called BT2 (Brown Thomas 2). The lipstick is €18.00 and the the lip pencil is €15.50. I'm happy with that. Besides, I'm going to use it for a year. 

07 July 2015

04 July 2015

Shades from Miles

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Last year, hubby and I decided to change airlines every time we will have our vacation. Before we're flying with KLM but the fare is so expensive.  I'm not saying KLM is not good, they are absolutely amazing. Top class service and the plane itself is so lovely. Considering so many things, we shifted to Etihad Airways. 

One thing we considered was the value of the miles earned from flying with them. They have loads of designer products to choose from. You'll definitely find what you need or looking for. 

Ray-Ban Aviator

Oh yeah, got this one for free, using 'miles' received from flying with Etihad. It is 22,185 Miles worth and I never regret putting it in the cart. You can never go wrong with Ray-Ban when it comes to quality and style. 

I checked online and in local shops about the price of this exact piece. Depending on shops the price will range from $150 to $200. And I got this without spending a penny. 

Why I chose this type of sunglass? Not because celebrities wear it, but because of the cutting-edge technology. As they claim about Ray-Ban Aviator and I quote, "They are the styles that define lives." 

Well, they've introduced this cool design way back 1937. It was originally invented  to fight the blinding glare which is commonly experienced by US Air Force pilots. And until now it serves its purpose not only for pilots but for some who can afford to have one.  

Just make sure to buy the authentic one.

22 June 2015

Child Safety is a Must

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 Our little princess is turning 10 months old very soon. Her growth and development are pretty amazing. She started to crawl around 5 months. Before then me and my husband made sure that she is safe to move around our apartment. Seems like laying down protector mats on the floor and corner cushions on different areas and furnitures are not enough.

Safety First

Each day new ideas pop up to ensure her safety. There are plenty of genius tools to help parents like us to do this. But they are expensive and sometimes they are not as good as we thought it was. 

To help us make the right choice in buying any child safety tools, we read reviews online. Don't just believe on what the label says. Check the items yourselves aside from reading reviews. If you already decided what to buy, shop around. Some shops have great offers and discounts. 

We are nearly finished on child proofing our place. She can now freely play around and explore safely. But still at the end of the day, the hypervigilant mom and dad are still the best care and protection she can get.

14 May 2015

Not The Same As Before

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 I opened my email today and there in my inbox , a regular update of new movies in the cinema. Then I realized it's been ages since I last sat down in a comfy seat of my favorite movie house and munching my favorite nachos with triple cheese dip. If I remember it right, that was a year ago when my mom was around to look after our princess. Then it finally hit me, it's different now. 

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not moaning because I can't watch movie with hubby now. That is exactly the opposite. I am glad, oh no, I am over the moon because we have a precious little one to enjoy. My thoughts and concerns now are centered on things that will benefit the whole family not just myself.

Nowadays, me and my husband often go to places that our child will also found interesting. Just like last weekend, a short trip in the Zoo really makes all of us happy. 

Who will go out alone if before heading to the door, you can hear a sweet voice saying "mimi" (mommy) or "daddddy"? Who can think of late nights with friends if all you can think of are tiny little arms and body who needs your cuddle? All I'm saying is that I'm happy to stay at home with my baby, my true "bundle of joy". 

I'm Watching You, Baby.

23 March 2015

07 March 2015

Shops Around London

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Few years ago, I got the chance to travel in London where so many great things originated and started. There are plenty of vintage stuffs that I've seen for the first time. High street shops are remarkably bigger and nicer than I imagined. Harrods for example is one big mall which is one place you don't want to miss during your visit in Brompton Road. 

25 February 2015

The Top 4 Sights to See While Visiting France

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Ah, France. There's a reason it's been the world’s top travel destination for international visitors for the past couple of years. France has literally everything: culture, history, architectural beauty, skiing, and beautiful beachfronts. Due to these things, it's a destination that is on most people's bucket lists. If you're planning your first ever visit to France, here are the top four sights to see around the country.

23 January 2015

The Features of Chemical jacketed Reactor and Single Glass Reactor

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Referring to chemical jacketed reactor, most people may wonder about what it is. And how does it work? What functions are they equipped? A series of related questions may appear in the minds of people. In fact, this reactor is one kind of reactors. Such reactors include a lot of different types, such as single glass reactor, double layer reactor and three layer reactor, etc. Different reactors may be equipped with different applications.

21 January 2015

4 Ways to Liven Up Your Business Trip

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Going away on business was once thought of as a vacation with some work thrown in, until everyone realised they were actually more stressed than ever, coming back home feeling tired and worn down. It’s imperative you turn things around and liven up your business travel. Firstly get some help from travel managers like Corporate Traveller, who'll get your trip off to a great start by booking business class flights for you at competitive rates. After arriving in comfort and style, if you just put some creativity into your travel schedule, you can have a fantastic time and come back revitalised!

13 January 2015

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