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Christmas is Here Again

Christmas always makes me smile. But this year, we'll be celebrating the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ differently because of the precious baby that makes our family complete. I already got the check list and I should start ticking every box. Christmas decorations are decided and will be sorted this weekend. Christmas dinner are being talked about. Though I need to  read more  about certain recipes to prepare for that day. Gifts are already chosen and will soon be wrapped. Places and friends to visit are listed. There's a lot to be prepared. I know I still have a lot of time. For now, I will enjoy the cold weather while looking at the Christmas photos of past years.

It's Paris Sweetheart

It's been 4 years since my husband and I visited Paris. Every place are unforgettable and every spot are truly beautiful. While reviewing my posts about our Paris trip, I noticed that I missed to tell a story about our last day. I'll try to recall it by just looking at the pictures we've taken. While doing that, allow me to share with you the links of Day 1 to Day 3 of such trip. It's Paris Sweetheart Day 1 It's Paris Sweetheart Day 2 It's Paris Sweetheart Day 3 Part 1 It's Paris Sweetheart Day 3 Part 2