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New Decorations This Christmas Season

Christmas holiday is fast approaching. In some countries, malls and houses are already decorated. While in other countries, the Christmas ornaments and decorations will be out after the halloween. Same thing goes in our house. I will wait for halloween to be over before hanging bits and pieces. gave me an idea of using personalized ornaments and decorations. We will also get fresh Christmas tree this year to mark the coming of our bundle of joy. Besides, it smells good inside the house. We just have to remind ourselves that we need to buy it from vendor who offers retrieving them after the season. Otherwise, it will be a problem disposing them.  Aside from all the colorful things around the house, it is the right time to start buying gifts for family and friends. I started three months ago. That's late compare to others who started filling the sock first quarter of the year. Making a list is a great idea as it will help you not to forget

Kilkenny Castle Revisited

Kilkenny, Ireland is a very memorable place for me as it was the last long trip I had before I got pregnant. It is the home of a beautiful Kilkenny Castle built in 1195 by William Marshal, the 1st Earl of  Pembroke.  (Photo taken using iPhone) 

Wedding as You Wish

Wedding is one religious event I love to attend. All around the occasion, you can feel the love overflowing. They said that the bride is the center of attraction. Though, I don't think so, I can see that in some way. A bride may become very specific on what she wants on her wedding, same as the groom. There's a famous website where you can shop for some bride apparel, lingerie, gifts, favors, accessories, swimwear and shoes. You can even have them personalised as you wish. You can check   for more of these.