12 June 2014

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Souvenirs From Ireland

Traveling around Ireland will not be complete if you did not get any souvenirs. During the month of March, sidewalk market such as the picture above is common. You can easily grab a piece or two for a very small price. There are also official shops where you can buy some other stuffs. Prices are not bad at all. Example €10 for 2 pieces of bags, hats or shirts They also have custom tote bags wholesale which you can buy for your friends back home. 

My perspective in buying in souvenirs is that, it doesn't have to be expensive as long as it reminds me of my great time in such wonderful place. But for the purpose of uniformity, my husband and I collect postcards, stamps, keychains and miniature figurines from places we've been.

How about you? What do you usually buy for souvenirs?

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