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What to do in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is located in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia. There are many architectural landmarks in this city by the Mediterranean sea.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Spend an afternoon walking around the city.

Similar to many Spanish cities, Barcelona is a city that can be explored from a double-decker bus that takes visitors around the main landmarks and on foot. Visitors can explore the historical El Born district, enjoy the sights of the chic Gracia district and walk around the narrow cobblestone alleys of the Gothic Quarter. In the Gothic Quarter, located close to the city center, guests will find the Seu cathedral, the Plaza Reial square and several other ancient churches. Some of the city's most famous bars, clubs and restaurants are located in this area. This area has several affordable modern hostels and many designer hotels.

Tour the buildings designed by Gaudí.

Many of Gaudí designs can be seen in the city. The city's symbol, the unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral, was built by the architect. Visitors will be able to see two completed facades and several towers. There are still several facades and towers being built. The interior of the cathedral has several naves and the vaulted ceiling is held up by bony columns that branch out towards the ceiling.

A short walk away from the Gracia district is the Eixample district. Casa Batlló is located on one corner of the neighbourhood. Built by Gaudí for a family who wanted to reform their house, this building is now for sale. The sandstone facade has embedded mosaic pieces, the traditional trencadis. Part of the building has narrow windows and iron-wrought balconies that resemble skulls.  Close to this building is Gaudí's Casa Milá, which has a wavy, gray stone facade. This building is a residential building, and tours are only organized around the courtyard, the top floor and the rooftop. The top floor has a gallery where visitors will be able to see how some of Gaudí's designs were built. Visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the city center from the rooftops.

Another place which was partially designed by Gaudí is Parc Güell. This park is located on a hill. Inside the park there is a house where the architect used to live, and it has now been transformed into a museum. There is a cavernous porch held up by bony columns. Above the porch is the main observation deck, a semicircular square decorated with ceramic tiles and a semicircular bench from where visitors can enjoy views towards the Mediterranean sea.

Treat yourself to tapas.

Barcelona has several Michelin restaurants and restaurants specializing in Catalan cuisine. These restaurants offer a range of food from the sea and the mountains. Visitors will be able to enjoy fried shrimp served with garlic and olive oil, roasted meats with mushrooms accompanied by asparagus and local deserts, including the famous crema catalana custard cream.

The city has many markets where fresh local delicacies are sold. The Boquería Market and the San Antoni Market are two of the city's most famous places where to grab some fresh products and head off to a picnic at the centric Ciutadella park. The Boquería Market has several own tapas bars and the San Antoni Market is known for its selection of stalls selling local cheeses, hams, fresh and dried fruit.


  1. Barcelona is full of historical places to visit, if given the chance to visit the place, i'll spend time walking and exploring every corner of it :)

  2. I did this survey in Buzzfeed and it revealed that my ideal place is Barcelona, and I couldn't agree more. The place is majestic! Hope to visit someday, and will def do your suggestions! :)

  3. A dream city at that, with more to offer. Lovely architectural designs and scenic spots.

  4. very helpful list of things to do when visiting Barcelona, am sure, a treasure of information for those planning to vist

  5. Barcelona, such a gorgeous place full of rich history!

  6. I've never been to Barcelona but I've seen photos of their great architectures.

  7. This is a great way to learn when someone plans on visiting the country.

  8. That is a very interesting church. Looks like wood but I'm sure it's not wood. Spain is a beautiful country.

  9. "crema catalana custurd cream" sounds divine! I would love to see Barcelona in person one sweet day! for now I am contented with the descriptions you shared here! :)

  10. I've been dreaming of visiting that cathedral someday...I can't wait to go to Spain!

  11. Barcelona really is such a nice place. It's worth the money you'll spend in your travel. Would love to go there someday. I was awed in the architectural work of Sagrada Familia.

  12. I want to this this year! Go to Barcelona and walk the whole afternoon then have tapas for dinner! Awesome!

  13. WillieEvangelista - Nice post.Wish I could go there someday. Barcelona is one of great place..

  14. hope I can travel there too


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