07 February 2014

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How to Save Money on Limo Service

Everybody loves a limo ride. Whether it’s for your wedding, to ride to a concert, or to go to prom, you have probably noticed that limousines are pretty costly. If you’re looking for Ontario, CA, limo service that is affordable, keep reading for some tips that can help save you money, including how to get quotes, styles of the vehicle to choose, and how to search.

Getting Quotes

It is important that you get quotes for any kind of service you need to get done. Just like with an expensive car repair, you should see how much different shops charge for labor and parts. With limousine service, you need to get an all-inclusive quote. Don’t fall for the base rate quotes that many companies will offer. Other fees can include tips for your driver, fuel, insurance, and tolls. Be pushy and ask for a legitimate final price estimate. Don’t be fooled by low, unrealistic prices.

What Style?

When people think of limos, they think of the classic, black stretch luxury car. But you’ve probably seen a stretch Hummer or Escalade on the road before too. These are roomy and still luxurious. One way to save money on a limo is to ask for a quote on the different vehicles they offer. You never know; the Escalade or another sedan could be cheaper than the classic limo, and they are more modern. Be certain they include all of the fees, as gas can cost a lot more with these vehicles.

Search Wisely

There are so many resources online right now that can help you save money. Just as there are search engines for cheap flights, bus routes, and hotel rates, there are search engines for limos. Using this tool has a lot of benefits. First, it allows you to search strictly by your hometown, so you can look for Ontario CA Limo service. Next, you have an organized lineup of the companies and their prices. Third, you don’t have to spend time calling the ones that seem to be out of your price range. Finally, customers may have left reviews for some businesses. This can be a great way to save yourself some money.

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