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Five Ideas for Converting an Empty Bedroom into a Relaxation Retreat

An empty bedroom can be converted from an unused space to a relaxation retreat. With a bit of imagination you can totally revamp the space and turn it into something useful. Extra space is highly sought after by most homebuyers so your renovations will probably give you a good return on investment too.

Think outside the square. Think transformation. Let your imagination go wild and write down all the possible things you could do with an empty room. Let your mind dream up lots of possibilities. Think spa, massage room, meditation area or a personal gym. Some of your ideas may be impractical, but you can cross those out later.

Many modern house plans include extra rooms for non-specific purpose. These can be used by the owner as desired. They may become a home entertainment room, a library or even an exercise room. Check out for examples of home plans.

A Room of Your Own

Most rooms in the house are shared, so the idea of creating a living area that is just yours to enjoy can be really inviting to people who like privacy. You can paint it your favourite colour, add a comfy couch for lazing on, a rocking chair for reading, a water feature, dim lights, music, candles, whatever floats your boat. The man of the house might like his own room too; somewhere to put a big screen to watch the footy with his mates. Having a room to use as you wish can be a great place to unwind.

A Guest Suite

If you love having guests you could turn an empty room into a relaxing guest area. It’s a lovely idea to create a sitting room just for guests to enjoy. This will give them the ability to have some privacy and also allow you to have space from each other. If you want to spoil your guests you can add a big screen television, a comfortable lounge and even a mini bar!

Room to Play

Another idea is to create a play room for adults. You can set it up with a card table for poker or a few rounds of mah-jongg. If you have an artist in the family you can turn it into a studio space. Take up any carpet, let the natural light shine in and let the creativity begin!

The Home Office

Many people work from home or have an office at home. You can add a desk or two to an empty bedroom, perhaps a filing cabinet, some shelving and a nice plant and presto, you will have a great home office space. Add personal effects like photos and favourite artworks.

A Storage Space

A spare room can be converted into an excellent storage space. Just take up the floor coverings and add shelving. While it might seem extravagant to use a room for storage, it will have the benefit of helping to keep the rest of your house clutter free.


  1. Very creative and affordable way....easy way, convertible.

  2. I would like to turn our basement into a beautiful family room but just don't have the budget yet.

  3. It's nice to have a relaxation room in the household as it can be your sanctuary.

  4. This is a great idea for those who have spare room and wish to have them used other than being empty. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are wonderful ideas and perfect for a room. I'm liking the home office one the best.

  6. Mmmmmmm a relaxation retreat at home. That just sounds like wonderful on a cracker - deliciious!

  7. Great ideas! I am not having a huge project for the bedrooms in my house. And oh, I am looking for tiffany lamp like that. :)

  8. Home office over haul is my plan this year. I hope that I will have the budget..


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