20 January 2014

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Tower Bridge

England is a very lovely country filled with amazing structures. In London alone, different spots captured the hearts of the tourists. I for one fell in-love with the famous Tower Bridge. You probably heard about it in a nursery rhyme, "London Bridge is Falling Down".

This symbol of Victorian London was completed in 1894. It consists of two Gothic towers which basically holds the mechanism to raise the roadway. In doing so, large ships are then permitted to pass through between the towers. 

Tower Bridge at daytime

Tower Bridge now houses The Tower Bridge Exhibition for very fair admission prices. Visiting such exhibition will take you from past to present day. If you go for the city tour, you'll get your chance to pass through this historic bridge.

Tower Bridge at night

Location: Tower Hill, London Bridge
Admission Fees:

Children (aged 5-15)
Students (with identification)
Seniors (aged 60 +)
1 Adult & 2 Children
2 Adults & 1 Child
2 Adults & 2 Children
2 Adults & 4 Children
Under 5

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