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Strolling Around On Winter

When there's nothing much to do at home and there's no scheduled trip somewhere, our feet will only lead us to three spots; city centre, park or shopping centre.

Strolling on the busy streets of Dublin is pretty cool as different shops have interesting displays on their windows. While roaming around the park, allows me to appreciate nature even more. I know, shopping centre is not a good idea when you don't want to hurt your pocket. But window shopping won't hurt either. 

Just want to share with you few things we came across during our recent city trips.

Display window of an antique shop in town

Sofia, the new Disney Princess. Found this while walking the busy street of  Grafton.

What can you say about this creative window display at Avoca Shop at Malahide Castle? Isn't it lovely?

This old chair really caught my eyes. It's so ironic to see this in the middle of all the beautiful merchandize  around the Avoca Shop. It certainly add character to the shop.

Walking in a quiet path of the park always keeps my peace of mind. It's so relaxing.


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