09 January 2014

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Places to Visit this 2014

Hubby and I didn't get chance to go out of the country last year. But we were blessed to see different beautiful places around Ireland. This 2014, we hope to visit other counties of Ireland and if God will permit some places outside the country. 

So many great things are sure to come this year. I can even see a very tight schedule for me and my husband. But as always, we can find time to make room for short trips here and there. Traveling is such an amazing way to unwind and enjoy what we've worked so hard for. 

Places we hope to visit this 2014

  • Portrush , Northern Ireland
  • Ring of Kerry , Republic of Ireland
  • Re-visiting various places around Ireland
  • Palawan, Philippines
  • Might be re-visiting Boracay, Philippines
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Hongkong

As I said, so many things will happen this year. I am not sure how can we visit all these places. We must monitor our time religiously. But I really hope that we can push the Switzerland trip, not to buy a raymond weil watch but because it's the closest we can get with my current condition.

We are also crossing our fingers to visit back home and see places like Palawan and Boracay. Singapore is also a possibility as my sister and her family lives there. 

For now, we need to save and plan. 

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