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Newgrange at Boyne Ireland

Newgrange is one of the oldest structure that can be found in Ireland. It was constructed around 5000 years ago. They say, it was in fact oldest that the famous Stonehenge of Great Britain. From the side view, you might think that it is round in shape but  on the top view it ooks like a big kidney bean. 


Newgrange is one of the three mounds that was built by farmers during the Neolithic or New Stone Age. The other two mounds are Knowth and Dowth. But the famous of them all is Newgrange. Every year, tourists from different  parts of the world visit this place.

Sones around the mound
One of the reasons why locals and tourists find Newgrange interesting is the 19 metre long inner passage inside the mound that leads to the cruciform chamber. It is even popular during the shortest days of the year or also known as winter sostice. During dawn of of December 19 to December 23 , the passage is illuminated by a narrow beam of light coming from the roof-box. This only last for few minutes. 

Newgrange is surrounded with lots of interesting monuments that will lead you to think of how people live during the early centuries. 


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