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5 Benefits of Investing in a Good Quality Latex Mattress

Are you waking up groggy despite getting the recommend eight hours sleep? Are you eating healthy, exercising and avoiding screen time before bed but still find your tossing and turning till the wee hours? Does your recurring back pain have you at your wits end? Ever considered that your mattress might be the problem? Think about it. If you’ve been sleeping on the same bit of foam for the better half of the decade, it’s a great indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. A mattress is an integral part of our lives and is the key element in ensuring that we have a full and uninterrupted night’s sleep. There’s nothing worse than waking up from a slumber not feeling rejuvenated or refreshed, therefore it’s simply not good enough buying the first and cheapest mattress you lay your eyes on. After all, you spend a fortune decorating your home with the latest technology and furniture that costs an arm and a leg, why wouldn’t you put the same financial effort into ensure a better quality of life? Not sure what type to invest in? As society becomes more eco-conscious, natural latex are the mattress of choice for those who prefer non chemical based products. Here are the benefits of purchasing a latex mattress.

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Eases Back Pain

Unnecessary back pain due to a poor mattress can lead to a myriad of other problems including stress and sleepiness. Whether you are hunched over at a desk all day or fill your time with strenuous activity, a latex mattress can help to alleviate any back pain by providing you with ample surface pressure support; eliminating the hammock feeling you feel from a cheap mattress.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Do you sleep next to a giant wheel who tosses and turns every time you finally start to fall asleep? This is a common complaint for anyone who sleeps next to someone who is heavier than themselves. A latex mattress is designed to combat any unwanted motion so no one is disturbed when they eventually hit REM phase.

A Healthier Choice

For anyone who suffers from hay-fever or asthma, a latex mattress is a healthier option to reducing any sensitivities. The chemistry of latex does not allow bacteria or mites to harbour within the foam, relieving the allergies you may experience on a regular mattress.

Longer Lasting

Bedding technologies have advanced over the years and while you’re regular old mattress may only have a life span of seven to ten years, latex mattresses can last up to twenty. You may be paying slightly more than other types, but you’ll be better off financially in the long run.


Overheating during the night can lead to a poor night’s sleep, however, the million interconnecting air cells found in a latex mattress allow it to self-ventilate. The idea is that latex works with your body movements resulting in a cool and comfortable long night’s sleep.
Convinced latex is for you or want to find out more information? We found that Latex Mattresses Australia has great advice on mattress options for even the fussiest of sleepers. <


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