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Where to Spend Your Money in Marrakech

So you’ve arrived in Marrakech, the symbolic city of Morocco and you’ve brought along a fortune of cash to spend on local souvenirs, gifts, ornaments, clothes and all sorts of different products. There are plenty of different shops to explore in the vast hustle and bustle of the city so you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. From local products to tattoo parlours, you’ll be sure to find a wide range of wonderful things to invest your spending money in. If you’re wondering where to start spending, take a look at the following popular items to spend your money on in Marrakech. By Feliciano GuimarĂ£es from GuimarĂ£es, Portugal (DSC_4050.jpg  Uploaded by tm) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Music as You Travel

Every time hubby and I plan a trip whether locally or internationally, we always include a short trip to local restaurant with live music. Doing this made simply completes our day as we got more relaxed and entertained.

Holidays in Ireland 2014

Name of Holiday                     Holiday Type              Date                 Weekday        

5 Benefits of Investing in a Good Quality Latex Mattress

Are you waking up groggy despite getting the recommend eight hours sleep? Are you eating healthy, exercising and avoiding screen time before bed but still find your tossing and turning till the wee hours? Does your recurring back pain have you at your wits end? Ever considered that your mattress might be the problem? Think about it. If you’ve been sleeping on the same bit of foam for the better half of the decade, it’s a great indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. A mattress is an integral part of our lives and is the key element in ensuring that we have a full and uninterrupted night’s sleep. There’s nothing worse than waking up from a slumber not feeling rejuvenated or refreshed, therefore it’s simply not good enough buying the first and cheapest mattress you lay your eyes on. After all, you spend a fortune decorating your home with the latest technology and furniture that costs an arm and a leg, why wouldn’t you put the same financial effort into ensure a better quality of lif

Newgrange at Boyne Ireland

Newgrange is one of the oldest structure that can be found in Ireland. It was constructed around 5000 years ago. They say, it was in fact oldest that the famous Stonehenge of Great Britain. From the side view, you might think that it is round in shape but  on the top view it ooks like a big kidney bean.  Newgrange

How to Pick the Perfect Luggage Set

Luggage is an incredibly difficult issue to manage. The ability to keep all of your possessions in the right place without causing them to weigh you down of cause difficulties in carrying is a rare thing. There are a number of different schools of thought on how to pack, what to pack and what to leave behind to make the journey liveable. However no matter your packing strategy things begin with picking the right luggage set. Here are some tips. morgueFile free photo by kolobsek

More of Killruddery Gradens

Killruddery Gardens display loads of statues in different spots. For aesthetic purposes, they really made the whole place very interesting. Though it could have been more interesting if there's some notes about certain piece. Nevertheless, my tour of the gardens got more pleasing to the eyes because of these pieces in every corner.

Music Enthusiasts on the Streets

It's very common nowadays to see a person or group perfoming on street. Some of them sing and play instruments. I've seen different people with their instruments. Sometimes  those instruments looks very nice and really prestine like the  clarinets at guitar center .  You can truly feel the passion of the performer in every note. People who performs on the streets do it for different purposes. First is to promote their album, second is to showcase their talents in exchange for few coins. And third to solicit money for charity.

Kilruddery Gardens

Inside the vicinity of Killruddery House and Gardens, the real catch, the French Classical Gardens. A French garden named Bonet designed the fine gardens in 1680s. He was the same gardener who worked at Versailles in France. View of The Killruddery House from the backyard 

Live Music

During non-busy days, hubby and I love to go to bar or some restaurant to enjoy few drinks and to listen to very good live music. We are so amazed with the great performers. Not only they can sing well but also they can play their instruments brilliantly. I noticed that performers used certain tools to make their instrument can be heard well and perfectly. I wonder if performers use tools like golden cello mad professor  to make their instruments sound so perfect. 

Killruddery House and Gardens

Killruddery House is located just south of Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. It is very near to the Little Sugar Loaf Mountain in Bray. This very great place was rebuilt in 1651 since the original house was burned six years earlier. The 2nd Earl of Meath built the house and it has been under the family for years.  Killruddery House

Resources to Use at a Skateboard Shop

If you already have a skateboard and some great skating shoes, you may not think that you have any use for a skateboard shop. Of course, it’s nice to stay on top of the trends, and who doesn’t want to add to their skateboard collection? Still, too many skaters don’t take advantage of the many resources available at their local Atlanta skateboard shop. If you don’t frequent it often enough, you will miss out on the many deals, potential new friends, and information that could be very helpful to you about skating.

Tower Bridge

England is a very lovely country filled with amazing structures. In London alone, different spots captured the hearts of the tourists. I for one fell in-love with the famous Tower Bridge. You probably heard about it in a nursery rhyme, "London Bridge is Falling Down". This symbol of Victorian London was completed in 1894. It consists of two Gothic towers which basically holds the mechanism to raise the roadway. In doing so, large ships are then permitted to pass through between the towers.  Tower Bridge at daytime

Get Your Motorcycle Stored for the Winter

It is quite possible that you thought there would be more time to ride your Triumph in Charlottesville. However with the country in the middle of a deep freeze, it is time to put that motorcycle into storage until the next season. Unfortunately, you may not be equipped to store your motorcycle out of the elements. For those cases, you will want to find a full-service company that can help you get the most out of your motorcycle.

Places to Visit this 2014

Hubby and I didn't get chance to go out of the country last year. But we were blessed to see different beautiful places around Ireland. This 2014, we hope to visit other counties of Ireland and if God will permit some places outside the country.  So many great things are sure to come this year. I can even see a very tight schedule for me and my husband. But as always, we can find time to make room for short trips here and there. Traveling is such an amazing way to unwind and enjoy what we've worked so hard for.  Places we hope to visit this 2014 Portrush , Northern Ireland Ring of Kerry , Republic of Ireland Re-visiting various places around Ireland Palawan, Philippines Might be re-visiting Boracay, Philippines Spain Switzerland Singapore Hongkong As I said, so many things will happen this year. I am not sure how can we visit all these places. We must monitor our time religiously. But I really hope that we can push the Switzerland trip, not to buy  a ra

Strolling Around On Winter

When there's nothing much to do at home and there's no scheduled trip somewhere, our feet will only lead us to three spots; city centre, park or shopping centre. Strolling on the busy streets of Dublin is pretty cool as different shops have interesting displays on their windows. While roaming around the park, allows me to appreciate nature even more. I know, shopping centre is not a good idea when you don't want to hurt your pocket. But window shopping won't hurt either.  Just want to share with you few things we came across during our recent city trips.