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13 December 2013

Winter Hiking at Wicklow Mountains National Park

Last weekend, me, hubby and couple of our friends went back to the lovely Wicklow Mountains National Park. If you remember, hubby and I hiked here before but we did not went up the hill because we're not wearing proper gears. We made a promise to go back and so we did. This time we finished the Spinc and Glenealo Valley or the White Route.

Look at the end of the mountain on the right, that's where we came from.
The word Spinc came from the Irish word 'An Spinc' that means 'Pointed Hill" .
The trail was indeed pointed.

Walking trail above the left mountain. I can't keep up with their speed. Help!!!

It was a fun, breezy, and a bit difficult day for me. Wait, don't judge me yet. I know it is only 380m climb. But having no practice for months, I find it hard to catch my breath. Plus, the first part of the trail was between tall trees. Not much air getting in.

Okay, enough with the excuses. The important things were I made it to the top and I finished the 9-kilometre hillwalk for 4 hours and 30 minutes including rest in different spots to take pictures. Not bad aye!     

One of the beautiful spots on our way down.

One of the waterfalls in Wicklow Mountains National Park. 

Rocky spots below the mountains.

I used my camera phone in all my photos. So sorry for the blurry shots. It was very cold that day and I can't kept my hands steady. 

Check out the beauty of Wicklow Mountains National Park on summer


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