04 December 2013

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Training a Dog

As we always hear, dogs are man's best friends. They keep us safe and happy. But it always boils down on how they were trained.

Trained Dogs

Well-trained dogs mean easier life for the owner because it won't be difficult to communicate with them. It also means more freedom for the dog and yourself. Dog training must start by the time you bring home your dog. You must allot 10-15 minutes a day in training your dog. They say that the most effective way to train your dog is by using positive reinforcement technique. To do this method, you need to praise and reward your dog when proper gesture or behavior was established. 

Dogs may have certain behavior that is challenging to deal with. In order to correct wrong or bad behaviors, proper approach must be done. There are plenty of guidebooks out there that you can read to help you out. In some cases, if the dog is really manifesting a very wrong behavior like chewing of slippers or shoes, the use of dog shock collar at radiofence.com is recommended. This device is very useful in training dogs even from a distance.

How about you? How do you train your dog?

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