20 December 2013

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Safety and Danger in White Water Rafting Adventures

If you have never been rafting, you have missed out on one of the great joys of life. There is nothing like meeting the white water of a flowing river with just a piece of rubber between you and a fast paced float through rocks. Rapids are nature’s roller coasters, and every adrenaline junkie should try them out. You could do worse than rafting in Colorado for your first experience.

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Fear of Water

The best thing about going on a guided rafting adventure is that they do everything they can to make sure that everyone in the group is safe. Even if you are afraid of water, you can take advantage of the glorious opportunities that a rafting trip provides. By facing your fear head on, you may even find yourself getting over your fear and ready to take on an activity like surfing.

Beyond the Water

A rafting trip doesn’t have to be just a trip down the river and through some white water. It can also be a camping adventure that provides an overnight place to sleep, some great food, and an exceptional view of things that other mere mortals wouldn’t get to see. Even if you are taking just a day trip, you will be treated to views that most people will miss. Canyon walls, wildlife, and the calm and peace of the water are all things that you can experience in between the rapids.

Amusement Parks

Many amusement parks have tried to capitalize on the idea of rafting. They put eight or 10 people in a giant inner tube and send them down a fake rapids system – the best of which tell a story and have water guns for friends and family to shoot at riders on the flumes. However, an amusement park cannot compete with the beauty and danger of rafting in Colorado. While the outfitters will make the trip as safe as possible, this is one area where you can face one of the greatest of all storylines. It is man versus nature, and your participation is required. This is no passive ride system, even if it is safer than facing the rapids on your own.

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