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Reminiscing the Beauty of Bohol (Part 2)

When we went to Bohol, we booked our accommodation in one of Bohol's great hotels which includes the a day tour. The first part of our tour was Baclayon Church and Museum followed by Chocolate Hills Tour and everything on it's way. Now, let me share with you the our Loboc River Cruise. 

Loboc River Cruise

Included in our tour was the famous Loboc River Cruise. To enjoy this cruise you need to embark on a floating restaurant where your lunch is served. Different Filipino dishes were arranged on a buffet table. Aside from the natural sound of splashing water, we also enjoyed a live music on board. Different boats play different genre. On our boat, songs from 60's to present were played.
Floating Restaurant

The green landscapes around us adds up to the relaxing ambiance. After an hour, we heard a sound of waterfalls. It was indeed a waterfall. It was called Busay falls. Don't expect a high falls because it's not. The boat cannot go any further, in fact that's the sign of a return trip.

Busay Falls

On our way back, more interesting things happened. Children were truly enjoying river. Without their clothes, these children will climb up a tree and swing themselves to the other end and jump happily. 

This reminds me of the words of Michael Jackson, “And that's what innocence is. It's simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view. If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your creativity gets blocked. You miss the freshness and magic of the moment. Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades.” 

So if you will ask me if I can jump naked into that river, I probably could. (*wink) (As long as there's no one around.)

Children of Loboc River

About 15 minutes away from our stop was a hut where local people prepared a little bit of entertainment for the tourist. They Filipino songs accompanied by few musical instruments. After two songs, the ladies stood up and dance which made the atmosphere more lively. They invited tourists to dance with them. They even taught the foreigners to dance the "tinikling". We even had a go and it was so fun.
Tinikling Dance

Otso-otso Dance

After the tour, I can't help but noticed this church in front of a place where all floating boats are. It was the famous Loboc Church. It was one of the destroyed heritage churches in Bohol by October 15, 2013 earthquake.
Loboc Church

On our way back to our service car, we gave ourselves a little treat by buying each of us a cone of homemade ice cream at The Buzzz Ice Cream. Hubby tried the durian flavor while I had the pandan flavor. If I remember it right, the cones were made of cassava making the whole ice cream experience a lot more interesting. The crispy texture was blending perfectly to the flavors. 

Durian Ice Cream


  1. The floating restaurant looks really cool. And I love the fact the view looks amazing as well.

  2. This is a great way for a vacation with the family, something someone would like to experience when visiting Bohol, I'll definitely going to put this on my list and hope to bring my parents here the next time we visit.

  3. you are lucky to have taken pictures of Bohol, great memorabilia. i hope Bohol will restore its heritage churches and natural beauty in the soonest time

  4. Is this one of those that experience an earthquake recently? This loboc river was featured as I can remember the movie of John Lloyd and Bea with Sam Milby right? I am sure it is so much fun to dine there, I would eat a lot especially when the air swaying back and forth in the cruise.

  5. I've been to Bohol twice and I really love the place. I hope they recover soon from the recent quake.

  6. I love Bohol, wish to visit it again someday with hubby, and hmmm, I love durian ice cream too :) beautiful pictures Len

  7. It must be so relaxing to ride by the river no sis?

  8. Hoping that the local government shall exhaust all their resources and manpower to bring back Bohol to its original beauty

  9. i so wanted to try that river cruise for so long now!! but i am no luck to be going back in philippines haha and if ever i cant go to bohol without a solid plan. Bohol is fantastic and amazing!

  10. thank you for the virtual tour...what happened in Bohol I pray may not happen again in any place for that matter...I regret not having joined the hubby when he had the chance to visit Bohol years ago...a good thing many like you have preserved memories there...

  11. I am interested in trying durian icecream!

  12. wow. ive visited a number of blogs feat bohol but yours made me felt jealous! the falls are just amazing and the floating restau too! very good photos. clear and crisp:)

  13. I wonder if Bohol still looks like this. Regardless, I still want to go there in the future.

  14. Anne Mary, yes this is the one affected by the recent typhoon. The government already set a certain amount for the rehabilitation of the island.


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