20 December 2013

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Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle is one of the finest castles I have been. The Irish name of this castle is Caisleán Chill Chainnigh. It was built in 1195 by William Marshall, the 1st Earl of Pembroke. It was also believed that the first castle was made of woods. You can actually see in some parts of the castle the wooden beams embedded on the thick walls of the castle now. 

Kilkenny Castle
Image taken by lencilicious / Scoop and Snap

The Butler Family, the last resident of the castle, left the place in 1935. Kilkenny Castle was later sold to the Castle Restoration Committee in 1967 for £50. You heard it right, £50. The place was ruined inside so the restoration group really did a great job in reconstructing the castle. If only you can see what's inside but photography is not allowed. 

Not for long, Kilkenny Castle was handed over to the state through the Office of Public Works. But it was not complete without all the bits and pieces of the early centuries. When the castle was abandoned, all furniture, paintings and even books inside the castle were auctioned. That became the challenge of OPW. They are trying to retrieve the original things that were there. Fortunately, the good people of Ireland understands the importance of the work they are doing. With that saying, OPW managed to get back some of the pieces. The office is not stopping in search for other stuffs. As they said, it is not an easy job but they will continue to do that.

Currently, the ballroom of the castle housed some of the relevant fine art pieces of the National Art Gallery.

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