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Zoo to You

If you can't go to the zoo, the zoo will come to you.

Reptile Village Zoo is the ONLY reptile zoo in Ireland created and directed by James Hennessy. It is located at Demesne Road , Gowran, Co. Kilkenny. 

James and other zookeeper are not contained in one location although they still have plenty of animals in  They can come to schools, birthdays, other private events and even in shopping malls which I witnessed few days ago. I got the chance to feel the skin of a python about 13 feet in length. I was not so certain of doing it but my husband insisted. It gave me goosebumps. I probably won't do that again. I'll be contented on taking pictures and observing their behavior.

We are interested what other animals can be seen there. So hubby and I are planning to pay the village a visit in a week or two. Will update you with more photos after that trip. For now, hope you find the following animals amazing as we did. 

Amazing Python

Crocodile at Reptile Village


Gecko is called "tuko" in the Philippines.

For more details about the "conservation through education" programme of the Reptile Village, kindly visit their site. 


  1. This is a cool idea, I hope the animals will not be "stressed" during transfers and moving from one place to another.

  2. I would love to see them but I am afraid to touch them. I can already imagine the python's going to bite me. LOL. Though I'd love my daughter to see this so she'd be aware of the different and amazing animals in the planet. Plus, I don't want her to be afraid of them like I am. LOL.

  3. I miss going to the zoo and checking out animals.. this actually made me want to plan to go sometime in the future.

  4. The gecko is cute. Lol. I still haven’t touched a python in my life. I want to take photos with them someday.

  5. That's pretty cool, at least they visit different places and people would definitely love that to go to the zoo to bring their kids with them, that snake is humongous.

  6. We love going to any zoo or underwater world but we feel safe when they are behind glasses ahihi, I can't be made to touch reptiles.... :D just love taking photos of them though...

  7. Aside from worms, snakes are my worst fear as well.

  8. The gecko is so cool but I love chameleon more.

  9. Yak,, very scary to hold or even get near those snakes. But this is a noble idea to educate people about the Animal kingdom.

  10. A helpful article about these animals, for some they made it as pets. Nice to be back lady.

  11. That is just scary. Too scared to even see a snake...

  12. I'm not a fan of reptiles because their skin are cold which makes me shiver whenever a part of them touches my skin, but I tried carrying a big snake around my neck when we visited a zoo in Davao.

  13. Oh my, I'm so scared of snakes and these photos really give me the creeps. I'm so glad for you, Len, that you're able to conquer your fear and touch that skin. I wouldn't be able to do that ever. :)

  14. hope they would also drop by davao...would love for my son to see these reptiles :-)

  15. This is a pretty cool idea that the zoo comes to the school and other events! They don't need to go to zoo just to have an encounter with the animals. :)

  16. I love the idea that the zoo will come to you but I don't think I can handle touching that snake. So huge!


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