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Postcards: How old is it really?

Do you remember the first time I blog about an old postcard of Native Banca in the Philippines? Well, what made it more interesting is the one written at the back. Same thing goes to this old Buckingham Palace postcard.

Buckingham Palace London

The Buckingham Palace was sent on 1958 while the Native Banca was sent on 1925. The stamps will prove that they are both authentic and old. I don't have any idea about the ages of the senders. The first sender could still be alive but the second one, I'm not so sure. 

1958 Postcard
Native Banca Philippines

1925 Postcard


  1. Old postcard with values...a memories written..

  2. Beautiful vintage postcard! I love the banca!

  3. How much did you pay for those old postcards sis?

  4. I miss receiving postcards. I like collecting it way back (Sentimental value). ^_^

  5. Hi Rose. I bought the first one €2.00 while the Native Banca postcard for €3.50. I can imagine how cheap these postcards way back then.

  6. Oh by the way, I also like collecting old letters with the postcards too. He-He.

  7. Great possession to cherish for a lifetime. Can these vintage postcards be sold to market?.

  8. I wanna own an old postcard for real! But I'm curious on how the world look like before.. :)

  9. I received a postcard from Bremen, Germany and it's a really nice feeling to receive one from a friend.

    The postcard photos above gave me goosebumps for some reasons. That two are just for keeps! ^_^

  10. post cards are little pieces of art:) the image is so culturally lovely :)


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