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Five Tips for Buying a Triumph

When looking for a Triumph in Charlottesville, most individuals wonder which one to buy and how to finance the bike. Following are five tips that can help you obtain the right bike for you with the best financing possible:
·       Carefully select your bike.
·       Plan your budget.
·       Include insurance in your calculations.
·       Shop ahead of time for the best interest rates.
·       Compare fees and extra costs.

Carefully Select Your Bike

You might think it is cool to drive a machine that can accelerate quickly and drive fast. But, if you are going to be riding the bike for long distances, that model might not be the best choice. Each type of bike is built for different needs. For example, some give you a better posture and more comfortable sitting positions that are better suited for distance. When deciding which machine to buy, think about how you will be using it the most.

Plan Your Budget

Before you go shopping, figure out how much money you want to spend each month on a payment. It is wise to avoid using all your discretionary income for a monthly bike payment. Keep some reserves for savings, fun, and emergencies.

Include the Cost of Insurance

When figuring out your monthly payment, include the cost of your insurance. Motorcycle insurance can be much more expensive than regular auto insurance. Contact your insurance agent and get a quote so that you know how much to plan on spending.

Shop around for the Interest Rates

Many dealerships offer financing, but they might not offer the best rate you can get. Before you go shopping, check out the various rates offered by banks or credit unions. Check online, too. Getting pre-qualified for a loan does not mean that you have to use the loan. But, a pre-qualified loan gives you negotiation power with the dealership. They might be able to match or beat your loan offer.

Compare Extra Fees and Costs

When buying a Triumph Charlottesville, there will probably be extra fees such as setup fees or delivery fees. These fees can be substantial, and they vary from dealership to dealership. Visit several dealerships, get quotes, and use the quotes to negotiate the best price possible.


  1. LOL, at first kala ko yung Triumph bra.. Wow! having a big bike like Triumph and HD is a dream of mine since high school pa ako. Sikat siguro ako kubg meron ako nyan.

  2. Nice...very nice guide in finding a motorbike dealership. Planning like this one can lessen your time and effort.

  3. I'm sure all these tips will come in handy for those interested to buy the bike.

  4. Quite interesting and great tips, this would be a great help for those who are interesting on purchasing bike someday.

  5. great money savings tips for someone who plans on getting a new bike

  6. You hit the 5 most considerations in buying a triump! Of course, I do believe that the budget, the brand, and insurance must be on the top :)

  7. It's important to choose a bike that is safe to ride and one must know how to ride them. Also consider the features that may suit the rider of the bike. :)

  8. It is great that you are giving tips to people who want to buy bikes. It is always nice to shop with good advice in your pocket.

  9. Those are very nice and cool looking motorcycles. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!

  10. Motorbikes reminds me of my early 20's when I learned how to ride a bike through a friend.

  11. Great tips on buying a bike, or any vehicle for that matter. Hubby actually needs to buy a new one. His bike needs a replacement lol.

  12. OMG! I though of the lingerie! Anyway, this article would fit my hubby as he is into bike, but first he would have to lose those big tummy fats so he'd look cool in the bike! lol! It's so costly though, they're like cars!

  13. I haven't heard about Triumph until now. What's famous here in the Philippines is Harley Davidson. But based on your blog, Triumph is something Filipinos should consider as an option. ^_^

  14. I'm not a fan of bikes...having seen a number of casualties (one of my dad), may sound absurd but I try to stay away....I'm sure though enthusiasts will find all the info provided beneficial to them.

  15. That would be nice to rid on.

  16. My hubby has a bike which was given by the company he works with. It is service unit issued on him and I'm glad that he's comfortable riding on it. I'll tell my hubby about this post so he will know those tips.


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