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Exercise and Play Your Way to Better Health

Unfinished projects, unpaid bills, and being generally unsure about the security of your future may seem like completely mental stressors that should not affect your body. In reality, all stress causes a physical reaction. These reactions vary depending on the person. Stress is a major epidemic in the world today. Many people suffer from a stress-related illness. Thankfully there are many solutions to help you deal with stress. Exercise may be the simplest and most effective stress treatment available. Even prescription medication cannot compete with a bit of fresh air and exercise when it comes to stress relief. Even better stress relief can come from playing a game outside with friends. Playing isn’t just for children. Playing a game and having fun outdoors is great for any person’s emotional and physical health. You can gather up some friends and play at any time of the day or night with a light up football from Teal Co.

Runner at Flora Marathon Dublin
Necessary and Unnecessary Stress Responses

Physical activity and play could help relieve stress for many reasons. The physical reactions of stress are sometimes necessary for survival. If you were swimming and saw a shark’s fin anywhere nearby, you would most likely have a stress response. This response would signal your body to divert all energy into surviving the next five minutes. Once you got out of danger, the stress would dissipate and life would resume as normal. Sadly, stress today comes from being loaded up with too much work and responsibility for any normal human to handle. The stress response doesn’t know the difference between a great white shark and a stack of paperwork. However, you can still use play and physical activity to simulate the action required to reset your stress response.  

Relieve Your Stress with Play

Many children grow up, get jobs, and become completely obsessed with their work. This can lead to major stress with no outlet for relief. A constant stress response can become very dangerous for any individual. Normal human function cannot happen during times of high stress. Thankfully there are friends and family who would love to enjoy the outdoors with you. In today’s world of high stress, play isn’t just for the children anymore. Adults of all ages should grab a light up football from Teal Co and conquer their stress.


  1. i lvoe taking long walks and listening to my ipod not only does it relieve stress but i find it relaxing

  2. I've been really stressed and my anxiety has been sky high of late my Mum told me to go swimming and it actually really helped - it's amazing what it can do just doing a little exercise x

  3. This is absolutely true, if you can find playing is the best way to relieve stress and just think nothing but animations or other things then we should do it.

  4. Work out can really help in releasing stress. When I am stressed out, a short run or a long walk relieves it.

  5. Lately I feel like all I do is play or exercise. We are making changes to our homeschooling activities to make learning more fun and less work. It has done a lot for my stress level.


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