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What to Know before Getting a Tattoo

Body modifications are incredibly popular—so popular, in fact, that there have been reality shows devoted to tattooing. If you are thinking about getting inked, you are not alone. Before you go to a Murrieta tattoo shop, though, there are a few things you should consider. You need to make several decisions, do some research, and allow it to heal.

Decisions, Decisions

If you hadn’t really considered it already, a tattoo is permanent. Getting it removed can be extremely expensive and also ineffective, leaving remnants and scars of things you changed your mind about. You need to decide what you want on your body, and where you want it. This should take a lot of thought. You might want to use an important word or symbol that has some significance to you. You may want the name of someone who has passed on. Quotes and lyrics are also very popular. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something that you would never regret, even as an elderly person. You also should consider where you want it placed, since under some circumstances you may want to conceal the image.

Do Your Research

It takes some preparation before you decide who will do the artwork for you. Get recommendations from friends who have had positive experiences in a shop. Do some research online as well to read reviews of people who have been there. Has anyone gotten infections or received a sloppy result? Make sure the place is sanitary and professional. You should also ask to see the portfolio of your potential artist to see what he or she is capable of.

Preparation and Healing

You will need to do some preparation by meeting with the artist at a Murrieta tattoo shop so they can get a good idea of what you want. The work may need to be done in more than one sitting. Colors and shading need to be decided. You need to be certain the artist understands exactly what you want, and that they can deliver. The shop should give you instructions on how to care for your new body modification, including coverage, ointments, and cleaning. Follow these directions to make your experience as good as pos


  1. I am no supporter of tattoo fans but I am not against to those who does get one.

  2. Glad I saw this post in my dashboard. Now, I'm having second thoughts of getting inked.

  3. I was actually tempted way back.. tattoo's are totally no joke at all.

    They can be harmful too - especially when it's no expert or so.. can lead you to other disease and infections.

  4. Tattoo is something that I would never consider getting.

  5. i am not a fan of tattoo, especially knowing the sacrifice they put into it

  6. Sorry but I don't like tattoo. I like henna tattoo but not the permanent one.

  7. Nagsisis ako on why I agreed with a friend na magpalagay ng Tattoo. Though, the one I have looks okay still, parang madumi sa skin.

  8. omg i've though all of this even got pissed and grumpy because i can't decide and make up my mind. I needed all the strenth and positive people around me before i can do this. great tipss!

  9. Haven't had in mind to have one in my body because I am afraid of the painful procedure. Hence, I appreciated some tattoo designs.

  10. It came to my mind once but I’ve decided not to have a tattoo for life.

  11. I guess before deciding, they must try the Henna Tattoo and see if they like it and if they do maybe it is time to get a real tattoo but for me Henna is still the best because when you want to change it you can change it right away.

  12. I do agree with your article, we have to make sure to think a million times before we get a tattoo, because this is something we will carry forever. there are might ways to get rid of it but there will always be a mark on it.

  13. I agree, especially if you are planning a big tattoo. Tattoo looks good when we are younger, but as our skin starts to shrink, it starts to get ugly too.


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