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Travel Tips

Tourism is around and popular for a very long time. Before, only wealthy people can afford to travel and visit other places. Others may have enough money to support their daily living but won't have extra bucks for trips here and there.
Traveling to California
The Image above proves that traveling is getting more and more accessible nowadays. Reasons why certain person travel may differ from another. For the sake of fun, enjoyment and relaxation, travellers can always count on traveling agencies and deals online.

As I said, traveling is getting convenient and affordable for everyone. There are plenty of travel booking sites available for each one of us. For instance, there's Trivago, a reliable site where you can compare prices of hotels for your next trip. If you are not so sure about the credibility of the hotels, you can go to Tripadvisor for reviews of people who've been there. It's very crucial to browse and know vital details before deciding where to go and where to stay.

There are plenty of cities to visit and places to see. In United States alone, you can surely name thousands of wonderful sites to spend your precious time. California makes it to the top. Among the places to visit there are the following:

  • Lake Tahoe
  • Sea World
  • Newport Beach
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Death Valley National Park
  • San Francisco and the Golden Bridge
  • Disneyland

And so many more.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving and planning for your next vacation. Just remember, you don't need to spend more to enjoy the moment. 


  1. I am a member of Tripadvisor I think but forgot all about it.

  2. I have to admit I'm not sure of the last time I went on holiday for a week we normally go for 5 days x

  3. Sadly, I haven't been to California yet, even though it is the number one heheh.

  4. I agree! Traveling is now more accessible nowadays and what makes it better is you can browse on the web for reviews and prices. It can make you plan ahead on the budget, the sites you'll be visiting and the food you'll eat. :)

  5. indeed, we don't need to spend more to enjoy the moment. and yes, tourism really helps boost economy, I just hope and wish our country would be as tourism friendly too, it's very hard to book nature escapade vacations in our country online, one of my frustrations when I last went home. I even had to use long distance call to make reservations on some places, that was a bit frustrating. It's easy to book hotels in Manila or in cities, but I am not the type who would pay for hotels in city, I want a peaceful vacation with nature, and I guess, that's one of the reasons why California is in the tops for tourism, it has the most number of National Parks in US, Yosemite National Park being the most visited. Of course, there is Hollywood, Disneyland and all other theme parks, but they are very friendly to nature eco-tourists too. Our country had so much beautiful landscape, we could really boost our economy with tourists money, and tourists ( like most Americans I know here in US, they won't go to Philippines for Manila for we are loaded with cities here but for diving or snorkeling or hiking or spelunking ), and that is the part of tourism our country has not tapped.

  6. I list down those places worth visiting sa US, who knows makapunta kami sa daughter ko.

  7. Whenever we plan our trips, we always go to TripAdvisor. I find the reviews of the users there honest and really helpful.

  8. I'm sure why was it California is the place that everyone must see, because everything is near and they have so many things for a family to enjoy.

  9. I have yet to take advantage of a week-long vacation from work. I will definitely visit California. I have a friend there who invited me to visit at his cost. The offer has been on the table for years.

  10. I never been in California,hopefully I can step my foot one day there.

  11. I'm already saving for my trip after my birthday! :) Yay! ♥


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