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Review: Amorita Resort in Panglao Island

Bohol is a lovely island in the Philippines. So many interesting sites to visit and explore. The beach alone is a great spot to unwind. Where to stay is not really a problem because there are numerous hotels and lodge around the area. But of course it all depends to your budget and preferences. 

Amorita Resort
Room at Amorita Resort

When we visited Bohol, we decided to stay in Amorita Resort at Panglao Island. I tell you, it is such a marvellous hotel. Let me start a short tour inside our Deluxe Room. It's size is big enough for two people. They have complimentary drinks and delicious cookies available on the table inside the room. This is different from the welcome drink that we had when we arrived. Although, the television is a bit small and far from the bed, it's okay. We didn't go there to watch television anyway. It has a small veranda where you have a great view of the sea. 

Safety Deposit Box and Other Essentials

Whenever I look for hotel, I always check if there's a safety deposit box inside the closet. And yes Amorita Resort have it. All the toiletries and other essentials are also provided. Laundry and other services are available upon request. 


This room is classified as double. But with the two double beds, I am sure four people can fit here. Don't you think? 

I'm so meticulous when it comes to linens. I just had this bad experience in a hotel before which ended up with rashes all over my arms and legs. I hardly believed that it's because of the dirty bed covers and blankets. Not everything that looks clean is really clean. I truly learned my lesson. 

I give Amorita 10/10 for the fresh linens. I am 100% sure that everything in there are clean. Every pillow smells good. You can even request for change of bedding everyday. 

Infinity Pool

One of the reasons why we decided to stay in Amorita Resort is their nice size signature infinity pool. Since the resort is located on the highest part of the Panglao Island, the view is just stunning from the infinity pool. The soft waterproof beds are great for sunbathing too.

You can stay in the pool and watch the sunset which we did. And it's really breathtaking. 

Check out the following pictures for you to see the view that I'm talking about. 

Infinity Pool
View From the Infinity Pool
Perfect Water For Swimming

The residents of Amorita Resort have access to the beautiful Alona beach. From there, you also gain access to different sports activities offered by local people of Panglao. The water is clean and pretty much warm to swim and relax.

Alona Beach


Saffron Restaurant and Bar inside the Amorita Resort served amazingly delicious local and Filipino dishes. For lunch and dinner, every dish is cook as you order. With that you are sure that you are eating fresh foods and not left-overs. 

The restaurant is located adjacent to the infinity pool, so you have the same nice view as if you are in the pool. They also have chairs and tables under the trees where you can have your meal.

I give 10/10 for all the foods we had during our stay and for the service with smile and sincerity. Food price is a bit high but worth it. With that, I give 8/10.

Lunch and Dinner At Saffron Restaurant

Saffron Restaurant and Bar
Complimentary Breakfast at Saffron Restaurant

Patio of Amorita Resort


Since we wanted to more than a relaxing day at the beach, we took the package from the hotel. It is called Bohol Tourrific Package. 

What's included in the package and how much does it cost?

It's a 3day and 2 nights accommodation in  a double Deluxe Room with complimentary daily breakfast at the Saffron Restaurant. It also includes round trip airport/seaport transport. We both got one hour in-room relaxation massage which we loved so much. 

The tour around Bohol was very good because we have our own guide, car , driver and we witnessed endless natural beauty of Bohol. We were taken in Chocolate Hills, Baclayon Church, Baclayon Museum, Man-made Forest and Blood Compact Monument. We also had Loboc Rive Cruise and Tarsier Encounter.

All these for Php 20,800 inclusive of Vat and Goverment taxes.  

Our overall stay in Amorita Resort was great and unforgettable. Its' beauty was retained in my mind. I would love to go back in this resort but will try their other package. If it fits your budget, I definitely recommend Amorita Resort. It's the best place in Panglao Island. 

Amorita Resort
#1 Ester A. Lim Drive, Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach Panglao Island, Bohol
Trunk Line: +63 38 502 9002 to 03
Fax No: +63 38 502 9002


  1. what a pretty resort! I would love to go there when I go back to pinas!

  2. The infinity pool looks really scenic and the place looks clean and complete with facilities.

  3. Whaaa na-miss ko bigla ang Bohol! The resort its amenities looks great specially the pool! I might consider Amorita on our vacation to Bohol next year

  4. Wow! Panglao beach could be at par with world-class beaches! I would definitely want to visit it someday!

  5. I love the mix of wooden and modern furniture. I like the view of the pool. It looks so relaxing and very clean. That resort is a must visit place for relaxation and family bonding.

  6. I never been in Panglao and I heard many good things about there. My sister explore the Philippines more than I do.

  7. I have never been to Panglao sis and this is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. i wanted to visit bohol too specially my husband! this should be in lists to look up too when we go ther eand find some place to stay with good view like this

  9. I hope that we can visit Bohol next time!

  10. The last time we went there we did not visit any resorts. The blue waters and the vivid scenery make me want to go back to Panglao Island.

  11. Nice resort but it looks so expensive. :)

  12. that's paradise!!!...I miss the Philippines now even more :(

  13. Panglao has many fine beaches to offer. seems Amorita Resort has captured the whims of visitors because of its amenities.

  14. It is indeed a marvelous hotel to stay at Amorita Resort as I see its amenities from your picture posted. The resort again is indeed a good place to unwind especially during summer time.

  15. I will definitely bookmark your page so that when we visited Philippines again, I have another idea on where to take my family to unwind

  16. This is in Bohol and this something to be proud of. So beautiful! Hope it visit this place with my family before this year ends.

  17. The package is a bit pricey because you can actually enjoy the same services and amenities at lower rates but nonetheless, the convenience and beauty of the resort is worth it. ^_^

  18. This resort looks great. I wonder how much their room rates especially in the peak season.

  19. judging from the photos, you still need to walk a few meter to access the friendlier alona shore? am I right with my observations? anyways, the hotel looks really neat and the bed is really big :)

  20. wow the place looks perfect! the rooms looking out into the sea makes the hotel superb and the view of the blue Sea is so beautiFul.

  21. Oh wow, sis! I wish I were in your shoes. Will take note of this place. It really is so beautiful.

  22. wow! this place looks like paradise, so beautiful. i have never been to Bohol but I hope I can visit the place soon. I will make sure to check out this resort, too! :)


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