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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Acquiring a Pet

Acquiring a pet is not easy as 1 2 3. Many things should be considered before finally settling your mind to get a dog, a snake or any other pet for that matter. 

How about a snake for a pet?

Here are the questions that we need to ask before getting a pet.
  • Am I allowed to keep pet in a house or apartment I'm living?
  • Do I have enough space for a pet?
  • Do I have time to train, walk or play with them?
  • Am I ready for additional cost in maintaining my preferred pet?
  • How about when I travel? Who will look after them when I'm away?
  • What is really my lifestyle? Does it go with the idea of having a pet?
These are just few important questions that we need to ask ourselves before getting a dog, a cat, or any other pet. Before making a decision, you need to look at different factors. I know, having a dog for instance will make living much fun. But if you decide to own one, it is your responsibility to prepare everything for that dog, from food to heated dog bed. Are you ready for that too? 

Well, I'm just saying, don't jump to a decision of getting something you're not ready to have especially when the most of answers to the questions above are NO.


  1. There is really so many things to think about before getting a pet but it can be so rewarding as well. x

  2. All great questions, specially the first one!! Hehehe.....this just reminds me of my kitty who ran off during a storm and we haven't seen him

  3. oh dear no snakes please

  4. Having pets is like having kids at home. THere are so many responsibilities that if you are not up to it, you better not consider having one.

  5. Definitely, no reptiles. We can not even handle a cat or a dog. Yupe, our house is a petless home. The hair drives me crazy.

  6. You are right, we should be persistent and determined that owning a pet is not an easy thing, it is just like a new member of the family, it should be love and be taken care off, and oh if decided to acquire dangerous pets it should think many many times.

  7. "What is really my lifestyle? Does it go with the idea of having a pet?" - this was the question that prevented us from owning a pet, though we love the idea of having one since we both believe our pet would enjoy being with us since s/he will get a lot of play outdoors, however, most places we explores are National Parks where the trails do not allow pets for the safety of both pets and wildlife. Somehow, we could not give up our travel lifestyle for a pet, thus, we have contently accepted that we enjoy life without it while we still enjoy hiking and taking adventures in the wilderness, National Parks and State Parks.

  8. Thanks for the helpful tips. New pet owners will be guided well when picking what pet to have. Me, try ko kaya to own a King Cobra?

  9. So many animals end up in shelters because people do not think before they get them. Thank you for sharing this, hopefully it will help someone to think before they bring home a pet they can not take care of.

  10. For the record, I will never consider a snake a pet.

  11. These are important considerations. My family members did not think of any of these things. As a result, I often get stuck carryig for pets I did not want.

  12. Owning a dog is not as easy as other would think. It needs lots of care like you have to bathe them, feed and play with them. You also have to clean their urine and poop on the floor unless they're trained to urinate or poo themselves. The owner must decide carefully on this one. :D

  13. exoitic pets are the kind of pets that everyone should think more than once. if you aren't expect on how to ensure to have a safe place for them, might as well consider not getting them but instead leave it to the experts.

  14. I've always had a pet growing up so, questions or no questions I'd definitely get one...but, my son has allergies with cats and dogs so we can only have fish at the moment :D no to snakes

  15. We used to have a bird and a dog as a pet when my grandpa didn't sold our house yet. But we were forced to give them away as we will be moving from one place to another and it's not easy bringing them. And after almost 10 years, we haven't got any then. Probably of the house rules that we have in this new apartment we live.

  16. I am afraid of snakes. I even cringe just at the sight of them.

  17. My kids would love to have a dog or a cat but the landlord or manager of our place won't allow us.

  18. As much as we love to have a pet, financially we are not ready.:(


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