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Many Benefits of Riding a Triumph Motorcycle

Nobody has to ride a motorcycle. Yet it is a choice that many make based on a wide range of reasons. Some people are very passionate about riding. They love the way that riding a motorcycle makes them feel. Others just do it for the practicality. Motorcycles are much less expensive to fuel and maintain than regular four-wheeled vehicles. When someone drives a car they can easily get lost in the act of driving. The world outside passes by their windows and before they know it, they have arrived at their destination. For many, there is no joy in driving a four-wheeled vehicle. It just gets them from one point to the next. Motorcycle enthusiasts feel differently when they ride. A heightened sense of awareness is known to come over many experienced riders as they zoom through twisty turns and steep mountain roads. Test ride a Triumph in Charlottesville and you too could have a Zen experience. 

Save Gas and the Environment

Motorcycles are a great way to save money on gasoline. As a result they have much less impact on the environment than conventional vehicles. Gas prices are always shifting back and forth these days. The fuel economy of your vehicle can end up saving you or costing you tons of money throughout the year. Some motorcycles can achieve more than twice the mileage on the same amount of fuel as a regular car. Saving money on their daily commute pushes many people to buy a motorcycle.

Low Stress Parking, Community, and Adventure

Depending on where you live, parking can be stressful. This statement is not true if you own a motorcycle. Motorcycles are much smaller and easier to find space for than regular vehicles. Another reason people love riding is the feeling of community. Riders will often wave at each other as they pass in a show of brotherhood and respect. There is no easier way to go off and have an adventure than packing your saddlebags and riding off into the sunset. See for yourself all the benefits of riding a motorcycle by test riding a Triumph Charlottesville today!


  1. People have tried and all have failed at getting me on a motorcycle!! I have little to no balance and am petrified of them!! The closest I ever came was walking a friends motorcycle and kissing the headlamp with red lipstick on!!

  2. I don't like motorcycles, but I can definitely see my youngest driving one!! He is such a dare devil!!

  3. When I was still in Pinas, I love riding in a motorcycle, I almost crashed riding it one time.

  4. hubby would so love this

  5. I could have agree with you on this one, they are indeed cheap in gas save time and just dangerous if other's are rickless.

  6. I am seeing a lot of bikers on the road now. It is Biketoberfest here in our city.

  7. My husband loves bikes and used to do motocross, he also had a street bike before we got married. I still think they are a bit dangerous but he would love to get another one.

  8. Hubby wants a motorcycle but I am not letting him, it's too dangerous.

  9. I would love to own a motorcycle, but I am more happy to drive my JEEP. It gets us to a lot of fun places and mountains and we enjoy it a whole lot. I have driven a motorcycle before, but I am way too scared to drive it now. Dirt bikes are fun to ride. :) I think motorcycles are ideal in the Philippines rather than a car or any kind of vehicle. Less maintenance and lower price than cars.

  10. The most I've ridden is a Yamaha scooter, my brother's actually. I was just curious how it feels like riding that pretty thing. I liked it but scared at the same time for the eventualities surrounding motorcycles. So, I made it real and stuck to my scooter instead. :)

  11. I agree, parking is not an issue when you have motorcycle unlike cars.

  12. I used to ride a dirt bike a lot when I was a teen. My dad who's a motorcycle lover taught me.:)

  13. It does save a lot of gas and really practical to those who love riding motorcycles. Or it could be that they just love riding it to and from wherever they want to go. But for me, it's not safe since when accident occurs, there is nothing that can support my body from shredding to pieces :)

    although my husband loves to ride, I have never ridden with him because I will die before we get to our destination. :)

    Liza Barnett

  14. I am more comfortable driving a motorcycle than a car, I learned how to ride when I was in my 20s.

  15. I remember riding lots of motorcycle rides when I was a kid to college as my Papa owns one. It's really fun and saves lots of time on traffic areas.


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