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How to be a successful Travel Blogger

One day I was tidying up my computer files when I came across with our photos here and there. They are tons. I told my husband that it would be fantastic if I can share them through blogging. And from there gives rise to my travel blog.

My husband and I have been to different places in Ireland, Europe and Asia. Our common interest in photography also keeps us on capturing the extraordinary beauty of different places. Our eagerness to see and know about the new places will never stop. We are seriously hoping that we can plan more trips in the future.

Stay tune because there's a lot more travel stories to come.

How to be a successful Travel Blogger


  1. Superb graphic!
    The passion shines through!

  2. In my dreams I would love to be a travel blogger - blogging as I travel around the world... *drifts off into a day dream*

  3. If I write or read something while on the go, I will end up with a migraine at the end of the trip. These are nice ideas though.

  4. i wish i could get paid to travel that would be wonderful

  5. There are some great ideas here. I blog and travel but never thought about being a travel blogger.

  6. Great information for someone looking to become a travel blogger! Actually, anyone looking to begin a blog can use many of these tips and apply them to their particular niche.

  7. Thank you for your tips, I just started a travel blog yet,

  8. Great article! Before having kids, my husband and I have traveled as well and been to some places. My husband had traveled to Europe and Asia as well, but I haven't been to Europe so that is my dream vacation. To visit New Zealand, someday is my dream vacation. Now that we have kids, we still do travel, and it is challenging yet exciting to be able to experience new places with your kids. I am no hardcore travel blogger, but I do share some of our travel experiences on the blog as well. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is probably the most fun theme in blogging. I would want to be one, but I have not travelled that far.


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