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Falling Leaves Can't Mess Up Your Life

Walls with climbing plants always fascinate me just like this building just before Dawson Street at Dublin City Centre. This is a big sign that new season is here. It's time to take the coats, gloves and scarves out of the closet. 

Climbing Plants

Autumn will not stop us from seeing the outside world. This goes with the hope that we can still travel around despite the cold and rainy days. For some people, autumn is the season of the year when they can hibernate or mellow down. Some find it a bit depressing especially when leaves start to fall and when there's more darkness than light. 

There's nothing much we can do about it. Whatever the season, God have reasons. Don't let bad weather stop you from doing what you want to do. Falling leaves can't mess up your life. Don't let depression take you instead go out and appreciate what autumn can give you.

There's purpose for everything. The best thing we can do is to thank God for allowing us to see the day and night, for still having someone by our side whatever weather and for all the blessings that He continuously showers us each day of our lives. 

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.- Meister Eckhart 


  1. I like those plants crawling in trees but not in buildings hehehe.

  2. Beautiful! At first look, I thought it's Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada...beautifully layered with lovely leaves. Definitely adds charm!

  3. ahh..ancient one..great to look at and designs the building.

  4. That's true sis, there is always something to be thankful. We just need to learn to appreciate things and try not to entertain depressing moments.

  5. i love every season, i guess, it is easier for me to say because i live in a place with very mild and friendly weather, and we only go to mountains nearby to enjoy the true seasons. anyway, i do love winter too, snowshoeing and ice climbing, the only drawback sometimes is when you drive on roads with snow, that, i do not like.

  6. You have put this so beautifully sis. You are right, whatever it is that is going on in our life, we should always think that God has reasons.

  7. I like that quote very much and I'll make sure to remember its meaning.

  8. You gotmit all right. God ahs a purpose for everything. The falling of leaves or Autumn symbolizes that new life will soon flourishes.

  9. Oh how I love the image. And how I wish to be able to experience fall season sooooooooon!

  10. We have the same building here sis, a high school building, which we always pass by every time we go to the Asian store that looks exactly like that. The leaves in the summer are all green, now they're so orangey and red. Too bad though I don't have a snap of it this year kasi ako palagi nagda-drive every time we pass by the spot. Si hubby naman, not into taking photos when we're just in town. LOL. Indeed, thank you is enough to exclaim our gratefulness for the beautiful world we are in.

  11. I admire your positive outlook in life sis.

  12. It's amazing how the other side is pink and the other side is still green.

  13. The fence of our childhood was covered with climbing vines and it added a wonderful touch to our rustic home. As for not letting falling leaves affect your life, I so agree. Life isn't perfect but God's plan is always perfect.


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