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Communication Systems for Outdoor Sports

At a website like, you will find everything you need to install a communication system in the helmets you use for outdoor sports like snowmobiling, motorcycling, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, snow skiing, and extremes of all these sports. When you are able to communicate with someone who is watching you, they will be able to warn you of what is up ahead and of what is behind as well. When accidents happen, being able to communicate with rescue personnel will help them find you much sooner if you are in a remote location. Some of these systems are made to communicate with others connected to the system in a local area. Other systems have Bluetooth capabilities and can connect to a much larger system and will cover much more territory. 

Snow snow snow

Winter Sports

Sports that take place on the snow can become dangerous when the activity that is taking place starts an avalanche. With someone watching down below, the athletes can be notified of the avalanche and make a beeline for safety instead of continuing to play in the snow. If a competition is going on, those involved with the athlete can let them know where the other competitors are. Sometimes, the athlete can be having problems with their equipment and can ask their support team for suggestions about any changes they might be able to make while they are actively competing.

Sports on Dry Land

On dry land, the challenge for communication during long trips or competitions is the distance the athletes or competitors are from a base, another team member, or their support team. The communications systems that go inside a helmet make it possible to communicate with each other while the event or trip is happening. Attaching it to the inside of the helmet can be done with glued pads, or clips if you want the system transferrable to other helmets. If your budget lets you purchase one of these communications systems for each of your helmets, that would be much easier.  Look at a website like for more information and customer service numbers if you have more questions.


  1. Digital communication is getting better and better isn't it?

  2. Winter can be an uncontrolled element in sports so it's always safe to go with preventive and safety equipments.

  3. How much are these communication systems for sports anyway? I think I can't stand the temperature outdoors during winter.

  4. I think suitable communication systems must be in place when engaging in outdoor activities especially those that present risks.

  5. SO I didnt know about any of this. Sports could give us a thrill but we also have to be assure with being safe. good thing there's an equipment that could help us to avoid untoward incident.

  6. Any communication system is a must on outdoor activities most especially on extreme sports that is prone to injury and loss.

  7. outdoor sports can really be quite dangerous, that is why it is really a must that any participants keep communication devices on hand, to be on the safe side.

  8. Good thing there really are gadgets like this available for the adventurous persons. This can also be helpful for those who do rescue operations.

  9. I think communication system in the helmets are very helpful especially when there is an emergency while you are outdoor.

  10. indeed, with the kind of sports that you mentioned, it really is important to have a communication device in case something bad happens..

  11. Winter sports is an altogether different arena. Keeping safe is one that we need to look out for, double that! and I agree, a gadget that is beneficial for rescue too...


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