31 October 2013

Communication Systems for Outdoor Sports

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At a website like www.uclear-digital.com/us/, you will find everything you need to install a communication system in the helmets you use for outdoor sports like snowmobiling, motorcycling, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, snow skiing, and extremes of all these sports. When you are able to communicate with someone who is watching you, they will be able to warn you of what is up ahead and of what is behind as well. When accidents happen, being able to communicate with rescue personnel will help them find you much sooner if you are in a remote location. Some of these systems are made to communicate with others connected to the system in a local area. Other systems have Bluetooth capabilities and can connect to a much larger system and will cover much more territory. 

Snow snow snow

29 October 2013

Hobby for Hubby

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Our friend making a post for us in one of our photo shoots.

My husband is having a hard time deciding what musical instrument should he pursue practicing. Just to let you know, he came from a family that's really into music whether playing instrument or singing. The only reason I see why he's a bit late to chase the music world is his work.

Bride Wars

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When there's nothing much to do at home, we often go to the city centre just to stroll and keep ourselves busy. There, we see different people from different walks of life. Every one is occupied with their own things. Buskers are in every corner of the high street, showing their talents and hoping for few bucks from people passing by. Vendors are concentrated in selling their goods. Travellers are making most of their time by taking pictures of every spot.

These are the usual scenarios in town. But you know what, unusual things happen there too. How about witnessing two weddings on the same day?

Wedding At Trinity College

28 October 2013

24 October 2013

Travel Tips

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Tourism is around and popular for a very long time. Before, only wealthy people can afford to travel and visit other places. Others may have enough money to support their daily living but won't have extra bucks for trips here and there.
Traveling to California

21 October 2013

20 October 2013

Postcard: Native Banca in Philippines

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I started collecting postcards three years ago. The idea is to keep something as memento from places I've been. Sometimes, there are scenes or views that can't be captured with my camera like some aerial shots. So it's better to grab a beautiful postcard sold in a souvenir shop. 

Early this year, I attended a money exhibition. To my surprise, there's a table selling old postcards. Look what I got. 

Native Banca
There were three big boxes of postcards on that table and I feel ecstatic to see one piece of card that has great connection to our history. Look how simple life before. I can say that the water was pretty clean back then. 

During our last visit in the Philippines, I noticed that there are still native bancas in provinces and other rural areas. Local people still use it for fishing or for transporting goods and people from one place to another. Some boats are installed with motor for faster means of transportation. That could be good but I still prefer that native one. I love seeing the boat owners paddling. That made it unique, don't you think?
As I said, I collect postcards of places I've been. I didn't expect to enjoy collecting the old ones and places I wish I've been. If I could travel back in time, I would love to see myself on that boat and on that same moment. 

17 October 2013

How to be a successful Travel Blogger

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One day I was tidying up my computer files when I came across with our photos here and there. They are tons. I told my husband that it would be fantastic if I can share them through blogging. And from there gives rise to my travel blog.

My husband and I have been to different places in Ireland, Europe and Asia. Our common interest in photography also keeps us on capturing the extraordinary beauty of different places. Our eagerness to see and know about the new places will never stop. We are seriously hoping that we can plan more trips in the future.

Stay tune because there's a lot more travel stories to come.

How to be a successful Travel Blogger
Source: DigitalMint.net

16 October 2013

Many Benefits of Riding a Triumph Motorcycle

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Nobody has to ride a motorcycle. Yet it is a choice that many make based on a wide range of reasons. Some people are very passionate about riding. They love the way that riding a motorcycle makes them feel. Others just do it for the practicality. Motorcycles are much less expensive to fuel and maintain than regular four-wheeled vehicles. When someone drives a car they can easily get lost in the act of driving. The world outside passes by their windows and before they know it, they have arrived at their destination. For many, there is no joy in driving a four-wheeled vehicle. It just gets them from one point to the next. Motorcycle enthusiasts feel differently when they ride. A heightened sense of awareness is known to come over many experienced riders as they zoom through twisty turns and steep mountain roads. Test ride a Triumph in Charlottesville and you too could have a Zen experience. 

15 October 2013

William Smith O'Brien

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Whenever we visit the city centre, we always pass the O'Connell Street. There you'll see several statues and none of them is wearing a scarf except for one. This statue of William Smith O'Brien is found at the middle island of the busy street. I am not sure if this is part of a ceremony to honor him in his contribution to the country. I think it is. 

William Smith O'Brien

14 October 2013

Nail Art

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I clean and design my own nails here at home. I am not very artistic that's why I'm practicing. Meanwhile , I use stickers to design my nails. That works well for me too. Besides I don't need it so beautiful as it will worn out easily because of my house chores. 

Stickers to design my nails

If you wonder when does nail art started, it was 3000 years BC. Chinese people back then use different materials mixed together to produce a solution. It was then applied to their nails and allowed to settle there for hours until their finger nails turned pink. 

The Indians also have their own way of decorating their nails. They use extracts of Henna plant to dye their nails. It is the same material they use in henna tattoo. Henna substance change colors as the stain matures. Even Ancient Egyptians had their own story to tell. The color of the nails was used to identify the society in which a lady belongs. 

As time goes by, different pigments, dyes and materials were used by different nationalities. It became popular even more in 1917 when the modern nail polish was introduced. 

Nowadays, you can find nail salons everywhere. It's even more exciting to know that they can do your nails the way you want it. I am so amazed with all the designs I've seen. I wish I can do that myself. 

How about you? Do you go to nail salon to have your nails done or you do it yourself?

10 October 2013

05 October 2013

04 October 2013

03 October 2013

What to Know before Getting a Tattoo

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Body modifications are incredibly popular—so popular, in fact, that there have been reality shows devoted to tattooing. If you are thinking about getting inked, you are not alone. Before you go to a Murrieta tattoo shop, though, there are a few things you should consider. You need to make several decisions, do some research, and allow it to heal.

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