02 September 2013

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It's All About Christ

Christmas is fast approaching. People are starting to look for places to celebrate this very special day. Whether we choose to celebrate at home or else where, we are not excuse from pulling out few bucks from our pockets to buy gifts for our loved ones. If we choose to stay at home and enjoy the festive season there, we also need to grab few bits and pieces to decorate our house for a more Christmassy atmosphere. 

For the past years, I used the same Christmas tree. This year, hubby and I are thinking of getting new decorations. A fresh Christmas tree perhaps. I tried to check online for more options and I've seen lemax has different things to offer. But I'm also happy to use the same decorations that I already have. 

Whatever the outcome of this Christmas preparation, we need to be reminded that Christmas is not the material things that surround us. It's always been the same Christ that was once born in Bethlehem. 

We don't need a luxurious celebration. A whole family holding hands together on Christmas Eve is enough. 


  1. Here the BER months has started. I think it is wise to start planning for gift list as early as possible.

  2. i love that idea.. fresh Christmas tree

  3. Christmas trees are my favorite!

  4. Christ should be the center of the Yuletide season but it sad to say that it's not case for a lot of people.


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