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Showing posts from September, 2013

Pleasure At Home

When not traveling somewhere, hubby and I enjoy the pleasure  of staying at home. We play games together. I cook dinner for the two of us. We watch movies in the comfort of our own sofa set. This leads me to thinking that we need tv brackets for our television. I am not so happy with our tv rack at the moment. It's too low especially when we're playing PS3 Move. The camera sensor cannot pick up our movement. The problem is we don't know for sure if our landlord will allow mounting our television on the wall.  

Last Bits of Summer

On weekends, if my husband and I don't have anything to do, we just go to the nearby garden. We enjoy looking on lovely flowers. It's really relaxing. But not for long. Autumn is here and leaves are starting to change their colors. Some flowers are no longer blooming. It's getting cold in most part of the country. I will then left to do indoor activities again. Here's to close the summer in Ireland.

It's All About Christ

Christmas is fast approaching. People are starting to look for places to celebrate this very special day. Whether we choose to celebrate at home or else where, we are not excuse from pulling out few bucks from our pockets to buy gifts for our loved ones. If we choose to stay at home and enjoy the festive season there, we also need to grab few bits and pieces to decorate our house for a more Christmassy atmosphere.