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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Last weekend, hubby and I decided to visit Wicklow Mountains National Park for the second time. We still don't have a car the first time we went there. We took a paid trip by couch. The time was so constrained. We didn't got the chance to explore the whole place. That's why we said to each other, "let's go back here some other day." 

End of the Miner's Road Walk
There are nine walks in this park. You can see poles with coloured arrows to follow. Surely, you will not get lost. 
  1. Miners' Road Walk (Purple)
  2. Green Road Walk (Green)
  3. Poulanass (Pink)
  4. Poulanass and St. Kevin's Cell (Brown)
  5. Derrybawn Woodland Trail (Orange)
  6. Woodland Road (Gray)
  7. Spinc and Glenealo Valley (White)
  8. Spicn and the Wicklow Way (Red)
  9. Spin (short route) (Blue)
During our first visit, we took the easy stroll, the Green Road Walk. It is 3 km walk for 50 minutes. Allow me to share with you that trip in my other blog post.

On our way there for the second time, the weather was bad. Thank God, the sky cleared as we parked our car. To be honest we didn't know which path to go. Good thing that the National Park Information Office was open. The lady there suggested few easy roads. But we decided to walk the moderate one which was the Poulanass (as warm-up). It was a good 1.7 km with 150 metre climb. It took us 45 minutes to finish the trail.

Along the way, we found many interesting spots. One of is the Poulanass Waterfall and plunge pools. You might ask what does Poulanass mean? It was taken from an Irish word "Poll an Eas" meaning "hole of the waterfall".

Poulanass Waterfall

After a short steep climb up to the waterfall (the only hard part), the trail is followed by mixed woodlands to the valley floor. The trees there are very tall that only a wide lens can capture in such close range. Here's more than half snap of the trees.
Trees at the Woodlands at Poulanass Road

We stopped at exactly the spot below. There, we listened to woodland birds (particularly Jays). Their sounds blended well to the cool breeze and the flow of water from the fall. That was so relaxing. 

Another intersting spot at Poulanass Road

At first we talked of getting the whole Spinc and Glenealo Valley. But after careful consideration, we felt that we were not ready for a Hillwalk with 380 metres climb. Why? First, we were not properly geared that day. And second, we wanted a more relaxing day. But w
e were not satisfied with the Poulanass Walk so we headed to Miners' Road Walk.

It was an easy 5 km walk. Not much of a climb though. This is the path for families with little ones. It was an hour and 10 minutes walk starting from one side of the Upper Lake.
Upper Lake Valley

Our destination was the end of the Upper Lake in the above photo. At the right side was the trail we took where you can see loads of Pine Trees. There's a spot halfway along the trail where you can see a cave known as St' Kevin's Bed. St. Kevin was said to be one of the early people who lived in the mountains of Wicklow. Details of this can be seen in our first trip.
Cave known as St. Kevin's Bed

The road lead us to the ruined miners' village. The wind there was so strong. Here are the snaps we've taken at 
the end of the Miners Road Walk or the Purple Path.

Ruined Miners' Village

Ruined House of a Miner

Ruined House

Type of stones you can find at Wicklow Mountains.

If you sit in one of the benches there,
 you'll see how fascinating the shadows of the clouds there.
Wicklow Mountains National Park

Kilafin, Laragh, Co. Wicklow

Park Headquarters

Telephone: 0761 002667
Fax: +353-404-45062
Duty Ranger: 087-9803899


  1. Holly molly, these are absolutely stunning sis. I'd like to go for a hike there!

  2. Beautiful photographs
    Glad you enjoyed Wicklow!

  3. ahhh, very beautiful pictures, I feel like I went hiking and exploring the place with you too, so love your composition in each pic. I and hubby are the same too, if we feel like we have not explored the park much, and we loved it, we would schedule for another trip, I am glad you both did!

  4. Sureness you have a great expedition. The place is perfect for retreat.

  5. nature...the primary sources of is n it we feel relaxed and appreciate the world and be grateful of the one who have given it to us

  6. I think I would go back there as well if I were you, breathtaking views!

  7. back here and enjoying every picture again, so inspiring and relaxing

  8. What a beautiful vista! I dream of places like that and to see a similar place is a wonderful feeling. I would love to visit that and hopefully, we'll all have the chance to take a hike or follow a trail in that park. Simply beautiful!


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