07 August 2013

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Thank You God For Our Parents

We often hear that a child is the best gift parents could have. But I say, it is also the other way around. I feel blessed for having great parents that accompanied four of us each and every step we made. Our Dad worked hard abroad which gave us the chance to study in great schools. While Mom is always there to guide us everyday. 

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I want to thank them for all the things they've done for me and my siblings. I will not be home soon so I'm thinking of earning few bucks so I can buy something for them. For Dad, since he loves to read, a Kindle will be great. For Mom, I'm thinking of getting one of those beautiful ring at joyjewelers.com for mothers rings

For now, my heart is simply praying for them. May our good Lord always bless them with His bounty and may they always have great health. Same thing goes to my dear Father-in-law and Mother-in-law whose also very kind to me. 


  1. Parents are such great blessing, I still wish that my father is still alive, it's been ten years since he passed. I miss my Mom so much and I wish that I can see her everyday.

  2. I love my parents so much. Life was hard for us at times but we are blessed to have each other.


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