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National Botanic Gardens In Ireland

One of my favorite places here in Ireland is the National Botanic Gardens in Ireland. I've been there for about five to six times but that 19.5-hectare garden never failed to amuse me. The spring and summer blooms are very lovely. I am hoping to come back this weekend to see the fascinating sunflowers. I pray that the weather permits our trip there. 

Every time I'm exploring the beauty of nature and every little things therein, I felt the urge to thank God for the wonderful place we live in. I can find joy and peace even by just looking at a single flower. Can you imagine how glad I am when surrounded by different stunning flowers? I tell you, it's overflowing.

Here are few of the flowers that I'm fond of. Hope you'll like them too. 

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. - Luther Burbank 

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

Location: National Botanic GardensGlasnevin, Dublin 9, IrelandPhone(01) 804 0300 


  1. Nice shots! Love the colors! :)

  2. ahhh, those are really very beautiful shots! love your composition in each of them.

  3. These are gorgeous flowers sis, my favorite shot you took is the second one!

  4. lovely flowers make my eyes full

  5. Those flowers are just beautiful! No wonder you like that Botanical Garden so much...!

  6. such amazing shots! i love nature hopping too and take photo of anything related to nature whenever! My husband loves to go and wander around IReland as well

  7. oh, i can relate to your joy when surrounded by all those flowers, as I am the same, haha! would be fun someday to share these same joy exploring the same place together Len

  8. Oh beautiful flowers! The first one (I actually forgot what it's called) was the flower I used for my wedding bouquet so whenever I see one, I always remember the time I was walking down the aisle, holding my beautiful flowers.

    I love all the flowers you featured here sis. They are all beautiful!

  9. Luther Burbank is so right. Flowers makes us happy and relax!

  10. Sa pictures pa lang, awesome na. How much more if I see these blooms in the flesh.

  11. Great shots! I love the flowers! Here's hoping I get to visit that enchanting place too. :)

  12. Lovely macro shots of flowers, so pretty!

  13. the flowers looks really nice..its relaxing whenever ur close to nature.. thanks for sharing :) hope someday I could visit Ireland :)

  14. With a great talent (in photography) like yours, I would not be surprised that this place is one of your fave.

  15. beautiful shots of flowers! I also love going to botanic gardens where I see lots of flowers, some I haven't seen before


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