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Malahide has it!

Last July 27- 28, 2013 was the Malahide Festival entitled , "Malahide Has It". It was a fun-filled day with lots of activities for everyone. My worry that day was the weather. I don't know if you heard but it always rain in Ireland. But that day the sun was smiling directly on us which made the event even better. 

Kiddies Play Area: Adventure Bounce
Chess Challenge
Giant Connect Four
Meet Your Favorite Animal
Gecko Lizard
This is the snake that my husband kept on pushing me to hold for picture sake. By the way,  he never succeeded
Room For One (Traditional Music)

In every festival, Fun Fair is always there to make everything even more exciting for kids and adults alike.  There were plenty of rides at the Malahide Beach. But I never tried riding any of it because I'm not in a good condition to do that. 

Free Style
Sea Storm
Different cuisines were available in the Food Stalls like Irish Food, Indian Foods and American Foods. 
Chicken Tikka Masala
Kajjal Barbecue had the best lamb and chicken barbecue that day. 
Khoka Bar serving a very yummy Mango Smoothies
Puppet Show was a big hit too for kids and parents.

In one of the busy street was the concert stage where I've caught this very good choir. They sang famous songs of Sister Act like "I Will Follow Him", "My Guy" , and "Hail Holy Queen". I was totally amused with their angelic voices especially the one with red hair. It's so unfortunate though because we were late to see them so I didn't get the name of the choir. 

Just to let you know I used my camera phone to take all the pictures here. We decided not to bring the big ones so we can enjoy the day more. We'll probably go back next year for this event. 

Malahide Beach

East Coast of Fingal, North County Dublin


  1. Oh, I wouldn't dare get near that huge snake.. Ms. Burrito would have love to play chess..

  2. what a fun festival this is

  3. that is such a fun event.. i'm in love joining this kind off events

  4. Wow! This sounds really fun! :P

  5. that giant connect four is awesome, my son asked where can we buy a big one like that as his is too small and he often lost the pieces... looks so fun :)

  6. those rides!!! i am in love with terrifyng rides!! i would love to be in here now! also love the giant connect four! haha

  7. i don't think i will hold that snake too :) even though the snake may no longer have teeth and could not bite me, but still :(

  8. This reminds me, I will have to visit the state fair for this year. Your pictures convince me to do so. :-)

  9. Ah, I love going to festivals! I'm not a fan of rides but I love sight-seeing, and I think I would be brave enough to have a photo with the python.

  10. You were fortunate the weather is on your side that day... It's evident that you have enjoyed the fair so much... :)

  11. Nice festival to participate. Aside from the lovly ladies, I'll have to content myself playing chess with those Grand masters.

  12. what a very fun-filled interesting day..gee I feel scared looking at the lizard and the snake haha but yep I would love to have my kiddos enjoy such a marvelous event...hmmmm the chicken and mango smoothies make me hungry :)

  13. Hahaha gigantic giant connect four, I used to play with it before. :)

  14. This festival is a superb experience for everybody ( I assumed). Every member of the family whether the kiddos at any age, grand parents or just adults will enjoy the entertainment the event offer. There are some events that solely focusing in one theme that sometimes kids will not enjoy much. I would like to experience a fun filled event like this one.

  15. The chicken Ticka Masala looks sumptuous sis! I wonder how they cook that?

  16. I wouldn't dare hold the snake talaga. Medyo nakakatakot naman yan. Pero I can take seeing them inside the cage :)


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