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House of Waterford Crystal

During one of our trips at the South-East Region of the country, we visited a popular spot called House of Waterford Crystal. It is located at the heart of Waterford city where you will get the chance to see the new manufacturing facility and a stunning show room. Not only that, during the guided factory tour, you will see with your own eyes how such magnificent pieces were made step-by-step.

Few Finished Products of Waterford Crystal 

I admire crystal for its exquisite beauty and charm. And after visiting this place, I admire it even more. The factory tour will guide you through the art and skills behind those wonderful master pieces. 

Blowing and Furnace Room

We got the chance to witness the traditional way of making crystals after hearing the history of Waterford. The craftsmen made the tour more exciting and breath-taking for you'll see them create a new life out of the melted crystal. There's a specific job for each of them. It takes years of practice to be able to perfect their crafts which made them known not only in Ireland but all over the world. 

Craftsmen blowing and shaping the liquified crystal. 

Blowing and Shaping of Melted Crystal

Blowing and Shaping of Melted Crystal

Shaping of Melted Crystal

Shaping of Melted Crystal

Cutting Room

After the heated tour at the blowing and furnace room, you will then head to the Quality Control area. There everything will be checked according to the standards set by the house. All that passed the inspection will be forwarded to the Cutting Room. The master craftsmen in charge of cutting the piece based on the marked designs are very careful in doing their tasks. Because one single mistake will lead them to do it all over again. Let me just mention that the cutters were tipped with diamonds in order to cut the crystal.

Sculpting and Engraving

I think the hardest part is everything done in this room. The detailed work is very intrinsic to achieve a marvellous designs. And it take hundred hours before a sculptor finish a piece. 

Waterford Crystals made the trophies for the last London 2012 Olympic and for other prestigious events all over the world. Here are few of the replicas we spotted during the tour.

London 2012 Trophy
Superbowl Trophy

Souvenir Ash Tray 

A Unique colored crystal

Grandfather's Clock
Exhibition and Retail Store
So the next time you see the name "Waterford Crystal", hope you will remember the people behind it. 

House of Waterford Crystal
The Mall, Waterford City, Ireland

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful site to see on how crystal ware are made!

  2. Wow, those are so cool to watch. There is a similar thing here in WV, it's the glass naman.

  3. I must admit that is pretty amazing. I have seen stuff on TV about glass blowing, but that must have been cool to see it right there like that.

  4. We were to Waterford last year in the fall, loved it Nd bought to wine glasses on the black, you showed a wine ? In your post. My son got married and we used them for them and then bought cheap black ones at an auction for e bridal party. We love Ireland. Going to check old posts...god bless

  5. ahhh, those look lovely! I really admire them for the hard work that they put into every details of the design, must be fascinating to see them in action.

  6. It's really nice that you are allowed to take photos. We benefit from it by looking at your snapshot!

  7. Amazing craftmaship put into every glass made... I have also experience seeing this kind of glass making in Australia but nothing as delicate and with designs.. very nice!

  8. Just by looking at the designs,I can tell these glasses as pretty darn expensive. But it seems like the cost is worth it.

  9. The meticulous process of making crystals makes it valuable and expensive.

  10. Great crystal works. How I love to see glass and crystal shops.

  11. I always watch TV program wherein they show how they make a glass like these. It make's me amazed!


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